Deep Genius At Work

Tapping into the Deep Genius of a workplace creates an environment where leadership development is more effective, team building happens naturally, and people feel valued in their jobs.

According to a recent Gallup poll, two thirds of Americans feel disengaged in their jobs. Millenials are passing up high paying positions to choose work that has purpose … even if it means a smaller paycheck.

Now, more than ever, the people side of business is what’s driving results. By discovering, using, and creating from Deep Genius™, your teams will understand the value they bring to the organization and be able to tie their strengths into the company’s goals.

When you unlock the Deep Genius in your employees and teams, you crack the code to an engaged, high performing workplace.


You’ll Discover:

  • How to turn underperformers into engaged contributors
  • The secrets to maximizing your high potentials with authentic leadership development
  • What it takes to create a deeper sense of meaning and purpose for your employees so they love their work and are happy to give you their best
  • How to activate your team’s internal motivation so their performance is both personally satisfying and meeting the company’s goals

Deep Genius Does It

Inside each person lies Deep Genius, the unique combination of their innate gifts, learned skills, and life defining experiences. When we tap into a person’s Deep Genius, we reveal their highest potential, leadership, and innovation. 

Deep Genius opens new paths for bringing out the best in your teams, strengthening leadership skills, and developing creative problem-solving.  Your team will have a new level of understanding of their Deep Genius and immediate ways they can apply it.

Popular Training Topics

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  • Personal Brand: reINVENTED

  • Deep Genius for Leaders: Spotting Genius In Yourself and Others

Plus customized topics for your organization’s needs.

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