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You and Your Teams Have Deep Genius… Now Is the Time to Unleash It.

Deep Genius is the unique combination of innate strengths, life experiences, and “aha” moments that make us who we are. It reveals our value, special gifts, and even life purpose.

And… It’s What’s Needed Right Now to Guide, Change, and Lead Organizations and Teams to Success

The problem is, most people are out of touch with their Deep Genius®. It’s hidden because we can’t see ourselves clearly. And, sadly, we’re conditioned not to value the things that come most naturally to us.

We’re your advocate. With 20+ years of experience helping people, teams, and organizations find what’s great in them, we’re the champion for the untapped, overlooked, and buried Deep Genius® in you and your teams. We know it’s there and that with it, you can change the world and the workplace for the better.

We will help you:

  • Awaken Deep Genius as a launching point for team building, leadership development and personal brands
  • Discover hidden potential, especially when it’s hiding in plain sight
  • Infuse and Apply DEI and Belonging into your communication and leadership development beyond theories and lip service. Learn what it looks like, sounds like, feels like
  • Customize programs – such as coaching, training and keynotes – to match your needs

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Coaching Programs

Our coaching programs are designed to dive into your unique genius so you become a stronger leader, entrepreneur, and innovator.

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Corporate Training

Fire up your leadership team with customized trainings. Discover the power of Deep Genius in your business, organization or event.

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Need an engaging speaker for your podcast, radio show, or live event? Nancy shows audiences how to apply Deep Genius in work, careers, and lives.

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