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In today’s climate, working better together is crucial. At Talent & Genius, we specialize in addressing key people-related challenges that workplaces face. Our solutions target the need for improved collaboration, increased productivity, and the promotion of psychological safety.

We’re experts at helping teams see each other beyond the surface level and to appreciate and understand not only the skill sets each one brings, but the innate strengths, soft skills, and life experiences too.

Find Your Deep Genius®

We believe your people possess a profound brilliance that is waiting to be unleashed. We call it Deep Genius®: the combination of unique traits and skills that reveal leadership capacity, innate strengths, and hidden potential.

We guide organizations in unlocking the Deep Genius® of their teams, fostering a culture of inclusivity, and ensuring every voice is heard.

We use a variety of methods to support this including consulting, training, program design, coaching, and keynote speaking.

Deep Genius® - Nancy Marmolejo Talent and Genius

Nancy’s work offers personal branding through a DEI lens in a way that speaks to minorities and people of color. She understands the nuances of why communicating assertively can be a challenge for many and offers several options to suit each person’s style and experience. These trainings furthered our group’s bond as we learned more about each other, and gave us an opportunity to celebrate the unique traits we all bring to the table.

Ruth Aisabokhae
PhD – Microsoft

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Learn strategies to enhance teamwork and collective success.

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Identify and nurture potential leaders who might be overlooked


Implement effective practices to increase overall team productivity.

Psychological Safety

Cultivate an environment where individuals feel safe to express themselves without fear of judgment.

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