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FansPraise and Positive Reviews

Nancy’s work offers personal branding through a DEI lens in a way that speaks to minorities and people of color. She understands the nuances of why communicating assertively can be a challenge for many and offers several options to suit each person’s style and experience.

She presented two hands-on trainings to Microsoft employees in the BAM and HOLA employee resource groups. In the first training, we learned how to describe ourselves with powerful personal brand statements and bios. The second training connected us all with our “Deep Genius” and from that, we discovered hidden leadership traits and potential in ourselves and others. These trainings furthered our group’s bond as we learned more about each other, and we gave us an opportunity to celebrate the unique traits we all bring to the table.

In all of her trainings, Nancy is friendly, animated, well organized, keeps her audiences engaged, and gives tips on practical application based off what she’s teaching. I highly recommend Nancy as a trainer and speaker to any organization!

Ruth Aisabokhae, PhD


As a result of this program designed for Native American aerospace engineers, participants experienced advances in their careers with measured results ranging from increased visibility in their current roles, to promotions, to salary increases, and other quantified gains.

James Leatham

Native American Aerospace Engineering Group (company name withheld)

Nancy did an amazing job guiding our Board and staff team throughout a full-day messaging retreat following a 3-year strategy and rebranding process. Not only does she specialize in helping others realize their own deep genius, she is the role model for the concept herself. We’re more on point and smarter because of our time with you!

Laura Deaton

Executive Director, Multiplier

Nancy spoke on the importance of developing a personal brand to a group of 50 CFOs in our Silicon Valley chapter. She was one of the most popular speakers we have ever had. Her insights into developing a personal brand was eye-opening, even for a group of highly accomplished executives. She was able to connect with each CFO on a personal level, and offered a very pragmatic approach to developing a unique and authentic personal brand.

Jack McCollough

CFO Leadership Council of Silicon Valley

Nancy is an inspirational and effective trainer and speaker! Her genuine interest in showing others how to leverage their experience and strengths through personal branding served to enroll everyone in the audience. We witnessed a shift in room-participants came to attention ready to participate and capture every detail! Nancy’s experiential approach to training provided participants with the opportunity to develop impactful branding statements that aligned with goals and personal values. The result was an audience-empowered to take the next step and apply their best selves.

Diana Ruiz

Women’s Global Leadership Initiative

The Deep Genius work was a perfect fit for our event, and the attendees were given great tools that they could put to use at work and in their personal lives. I highly recommend Nancy for corporate or personal groups! She was great to work with and I’m so glad to have connected with her.

Erica Stall-Wiggins

Director of Marketing and Communication, George P. Johnson Experiential Marketing

Nancy brings a wealth of wisdom, knowledge and cultural insight to leaders and their teams so they unlock their genius and bring their best selves to work. Her Personal Branding programs are highly engaging, relevant and immediately applicable. Her depth of understanding and experience in inclusion and diversity enables those she works with to find their voice and embrace their brilliance. Her warm and inviting style allows people to feel safe speaking up and being themselves. I highly recommend Nancy and her work.

Jean Marie DiGiovanna

Renaissance Leadership |  Workshop University

Nancy is the type of coach who plays full out to support her clients’ success.

As part of the Ashton212 expert team of coaches working with the supervisors at the San Francisco International Airport, Nancy was able to help her clients create some incredible shifts in how they saw themselves as leaders and how they communicated with their teams.

Our leadership development training program used a 360 Assessment as a baseline plus coaching to help enhance the work and the mindsets of supervisors at SFO. Nancy was able to read between the lines to help get to the core of workplace challenges. She created a safe space for her clients to honestly bring their issues to an impartial listener, then guided them to solutions that resulted in wins far beyond the workplace.

One overworked supervisor stopped bringing work home and finally achieved better work/life balance; another found the right words to use for difficult conversations with coworkers, gaining overall improvement in performance and job satisfaction.

Her people skills are excellent and she takes to heart the success of those she works with. She’s also a lot of fun to work with and has a great sense of humor!

I highly recommend Nancy’s masterful coaching and training skills for organizations and individuals.

Michelle Molitor

Ashton212 | Nectar Consulting

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