AJ headshot

“Nancy has a true gift when it comes to unlocking the genius in all of us and giving clarity in a world of confusion.”

AJ Roberts, World Powerlifting Record Holder, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author

Pam Headshot“Nancy delivers, and you should not pass up the opportunity to work with her.”

Pamela Slim , Author, Speaker, Blogger www.PamelaSlim.com

Bill Headshot“Nancy Marmolejo is one of the freshest, most thought provoking voices in business. Every time I have a conversation with her, I come away changed and my mind starts turning in a different way.”

Bill Baren,host of The Big Shift Podcast
and CEO of Bill Baren Coaching

“I am at influencer status now. I would not even be on social media the way I am if it weren’t for Nancy Marmolejo. She has a special way of coaxing a brand out, and some of the seeds planted a decade ago STILL yield fruit.”

Angel Aviles, Digital Marketer, Media Personality, Co-Founder of Living Firme

Mari Smith“Nancy knows how to teach quality relationship building for BIG payoffs!”

Nancy Marmolejo and I are kindred spirits in the world of social networking. We share the belief (and hold the experience) that quality relationship building results in big payoffs! It’s not just about the numbers- the people who make up those numbers are what counts.

Thanks Nancy for advocating social networking that can change people’s businesses and their lives.

Mari Smith
Social Media Coach, Speaker

Juanita Ecker“Nancy is amazing”

Before working with Nancy, I wanted to change my target market but wasn’t sure how to do that. I was concerned that if I picked a “niche,” I would lose business.

After working with Nancy, I now have a revised homepage and a new tag line that speaks to the audience I love working with. Nancy is amazing. Her quick wit and keen insight give tremendous value to the coaching sessions. In a short period of time, she was able to grasp what I do and the brilliance I bring to the table. She helped me see my unique gifts as I had never seen them before.

As a result, I’m more confident speaking about what I do and how I do it. I have stepped into my power and claimed my gifts. Thank you Nancy for sharing your gifts with me.”

Juanita Ecker, professionalimagemgt.com

Marilyn Rodriguez“I was stuck before and not sure how to present my gift in a way that would be lucrative.”

In 3 sessions, Nancy took my gift and shifted the focus into a 6-figure business. I was stuck before and not sure how to present my gift in a way that would be lucrative. We brainstormed and she really moved me to the core of my gift and how to leverage it quickly. I’ve never felt more passionate and authentic about expressing my gift and making a lot of money from sharing it with others as I do now.

Marilyn Rodriguez, singlemomscoach.com

“Working with Nancy takes a deep dive into the exact words needed to tee up the emotions and impact I needed for my business. In fact, by working with Nancy, NOT ONLY did my language get better, BUT ALSO my business itself. By clearly identifying the target of my work, we were able to define and hit the bullseye as I discuss my customer loyalty work with potential clients. I am THRILLED with the outcome of working with Nancy.”

Ali Cudby, YourIconicBrand.com

Aurelia Flores“Working with Nancy has helped clarify my calling in life and create an incredible business concept around it.”

Nancy is such a genius at helping someone really find their “special medicine” to share with the world. Working with Nancy has helped clarify my calling in life and create an incredible business concept around it. When we first met, I had a target market but learned I could create an even more powerful offer by focusing on the leaders within my niche. After making that decision, it became so clear what I am pursuing and I’m excited for what the future holds! I’ve also met some of the most incredible people, both from Nancy’s personal network and from the great clients she attracts. Nancy has such a warm and engaging style that she makes you feel safe as you come up close and personal with your own personal “business breakthroughs.” I would recommend to anyone who wants to get focus, clarity and visibility to work with Nancy!

Aurelia Flores, PowerfulLatinas.com

Natasha Allrich“Ready to Buy Prospects”

Nancy’s lead generation strategies continue to bring ready-to-buy prospects to my door, allowing me to use my talents to turn those prospects into partners.

I’m already having a record year and am excited about what is yet to come!

Bottom line: You’re working harder, not smarter (and losing money) each day you put off investing in Nancy’s amazing yet simple systems.

Natasha Allrich, EnrollFromTheSoul.com

Allison Rapp Headshot“When I met Nancy, I’d been stuck on a plateau for quite a while. I knew I had important gifts to share with my clients, but I was afraid to let too much light shine on them! Once I realized that I could claim my expertise and feel totally aligned with that, everything changed. My clients are more committed, it takes less work to get them and I always feel in sync with my values and who I am. Six figures used to seem like a ridiculous dream… now it’s my life.”

Allison Rapp, AllisonRapp.com

Matthew Peters headshot“I came to Nancy because I had heard from several other business leaders I respect and trust that she helped them clarify their marketing messages. I hired Nancy to help me refine my message even more to attract the best fits for working relationships. Though I do this for others, I realized that it is sometimes necessary to have someone you trust help you see the things that you cannot see about yourself. .I work with businesses who want to reach the top 10% of their markets with video and social media marketing; so naturally I need to communicate my ultimate value to them in a way that gets them excited to invest in themselves through partnering with us. With her help, we crafted multiple ways of describing my expertise that I had been blind to for years. The results have been outstanding. Understanding my talent and genius and applying it to my business communication keeps me focused on a core message and profitable. I’m extremely happy I chose to work with Nancy.”

Matthew Peters, AuthorityMarketingFilms.com

TinaPaymaster2“Nancy takes a fresh approach to busting through to clarity. Coming from a creative background, I love her non-traditional process to connecting the dots and making you really hone in on your strengths and gifts. Her exercises are fun, thought provoking and non-linear, yet ideas come together into a tight package that makes sense and feels powerful. Nancy herself is a positive, inspired spirit, yet blunt and to the point. If you’re lacking clarity in your business, not sure how or why you stand out or have a million thoughts and need to weed through them, Nancy is your solution!”

Tina Paymaster, Self Care Crusader

Ken cropped“In three steps, Nancy helped me link a tangle of disparate concepts about how I work and what I help people accomplish, into a unique, succinct strategy.I’ve had amazing help from mentors and trainers. I choose to only work with the best of the best. What Nancy did was give me a final nudge that catalyzed a swarm of ideas into something concise. I highly recommend you work with her!”

Dr. Ken Christian, PhD
Author of “Your Own Worst Enemy: Breaking the Habit of Adult Underachievement”

PJ happy headshot “When Nancy worked with me to fine tune how I communicate my expertise, I was so happy with the results! It really feels like ME and comes straight from the heart. I’m able to stand out as who I am and sincerely reach the people who I love to help. I highly recommend Nancy’s magic so you can stand out in your field!”

 Penelope Jane Smith ( PJ Van Hulle)
Creator of Listapalooza and ListBuilding Rockstars

Elizabeth PurvisI connected with Nancy because I was ready to really take my business to the next highest level. In the 3 months that we’ve been working together, I’ve already made more money than I made last year. How cool is that?.

Not only is Nancy a brilliant strategist, she’s also a lot of fun to work with (one of my highest values!). And even though we have very different styles (she’s action oriented and I’m more “go with the flow”), she knows exactly how to coach me for maximum results.

If you are ready to really bring your own talent and genius out into the world in a powerful way, hire Nancy NOW!

Shannon Presson, ShannonPresson.com

Elizabeth PurvisI had to send you some love and a big thank you for how you’ve supported me in my business. In one of your programs, you and I had a spotlight coaching session. In about 5 minutes, you zeroed in on my unique positioning that would set me apart from all the other mentors out there.

Of course it terrified me (ha!) so it took me a little bit of time to fully step into it. But once I did, everything opened up for me in such a beautiful way. The new positioning ultimately lead to a whole new line of programs that contributed to an increase in revenue by 70% in 2011.

I can trace the “seed” directly back to you and that conversation, so of course I’m grateful for that. But most of all, I’m grateful for how you saw something magical in me that I couldn’t see for myself, and gave me encouragement I needed to bring it forward.

Thank you, Nancy, from the bottom of my heart!

Elizabeth Purvis, www.MarketingGoddess.com

CindySchulsonNancy Marmolejo has a very special gift. I call it her magic ear. She can sift through all the ramblings and pull out the gems so you can bring your genius to life.

In one conversation with Nancy, we created the flow for a program that I’m so excited about. Over 60 people signed up for the program, generating over $18K in sales, and that’s just the beginning!

What I love most about Nancy is that she really gets me and she really cares about my success. She has gone above and beyond to support me in my efforts and I will be a fan for life

Cindy Schulson, AttractYourNiche.com

Elizabeth Purvis
I had spoken on a few telesummits and radio shows and was wanting to expand my reach and find more summits to speak on. Since purchasing Nancy’s programme and following just one of her get booked strategies I received invitations to speak on not 1 but 3 telesummits in 3 weeks! I highly recommend you buy this programme, Break Out and Get Booked.

Kimberley Lovell , KimberleyLovell.com

Elizabeth PurvisAs a result of Nancy’s programs:

  • I truly OWN my expertise: I am Confident, Centered and Strong like never before
  • I have let my real self come through and it feels terrific! Thanks to Nancy, I am now making money from things I do so naturally and so easily!
  • I have completely repositioned and repackaged my expertise and brought it to a much higher level: I have a new website, new program offerings and new revenue plan that’s really working.
  • I can now talk about what I do easily, clearly and convincingly. And it feels comfortable, because Nancy makes sure everything you do is authentic.
  • Using some of the course strategies, I almost immediately got new work from existing clients: work that they were thrilled to give me (“Wow, I didn’t know you did that – yes, I’d love to let you do that for me” was a typical response to my campaign)
  • The course more than paid for itself: I made almost 10 times my money back within a month of the course finishing.

Arlene Taveroff, CreateABrandThatRocks.com

Adam Urbanski“Nancy’s rapid fire insights can literally shift someone’s business in a matter of moments”

Too often entrepreneurs get frustrated with coaches who take forever to help them reach a breakthrough. I’ve witnessed Nancy laser coach others and it’s like someone flipped the genius switch! Her rapid fire insights can literally shift someone’s entire business in a matter of moments. She’s incredible at nailing what’s unique about each business and how that can be quickly monetized. If you’re looking for a creative mind to turn your visibility into profitability, Nancy’s your person.

Adam Urbanski, TheMarketingMentors.com

Laura West“Attracted Speaking Engagements, Joint Ventures, Opportunties, and Clients!”

I love Nancy’s infectious enthusiasm for what I am up to in the world! She can see the truth in my message where it aligns with my soul and connects it to my clients’ needs. This gift of clarity has helped me refine and distill my message that has attracted opportunities galore such as speaking engagements, joint ventures, opportunities and clients. I love how she attracts spirited entrepreneurs to her business and the connections I’ve made by working with her have been priceless.

Laura West, JoyfulBusiness.com

Beverly Boston“Transformational”

“Inspire is what a great servant leader does. Nancy Marmolejo’s unique programs are a great testament to the essentials for a renewed type of servant leadership—one that serves with boldness, courage, authenticity, BIGGER and BETTER thinking, service, truth-telling, fun, humor and last but not least, love. Nancy has the ability to predict future trends, the needs of your target market, society, and how to be on a higher ground with a message of spirit, values and soul, in bringing your essential gifts and services to the marketplace. Nancy’s intuitive nature has you search your heart and soul to put the passion and meaning back into your work—and therefore the world. Nancy shares her “magic dust” of heart inspired insights and how to perform miracles by spreading it to others, and it will transform the way you show up in every area of life.

Beverly Boston, BeverlyBoston.com

Domenica Papalia“Breakthrough”

Nancy has the rare ability to uncover the hidden gems in your business and in your passion for that business. I started off my session telling Nancy….”It’s just something I do, I don’t know how to describe it” with no compelling way to position myself so that people can see that what I do is different.

With just a short conversation, Nancy showed me with crystal clear clarity, that what I do is in fact my unique gift and the purpose that I bring to the world and to my business.

I discovered through her coaching that I am a healer, and it’s okay to say that to the world. That I have the ability to see where others are blocking themselves, helping them see their truth and live in a much more authentic, connected place, and it’s okay to say that too.

I left the call with Nancy floating from excitement. And this was only after 30 minutes. I cannot even imagine what magic she would weave if we spoke for longer…

Domenica Papalia, DomenicaPapalia.com

Shawn Driscoll“Nancy was able to reach into my heart and show me EXACTLY what it is that I do, what the true impact and potential of that gift is and give me the tools to easily attract the just right opportunities.”

Six short months ago, I was plugging along doing everything I knew to get momentum in my business but I felt lost in the masses online. I had tried some social media and visibility strategies but my efforts felt disconnected and muddled. And my results weren’t what I knew was possible. I needed help updating my message to stand out, get noticed and really make the impact I was intent on making.

So, I did what I always do—I sought out the best expert I could find to help guide me. Nancy Marmolejo was the perfect and obvious choice because she clearly is the go-to expert for creating authentic and impactful online visibility strategies. But more than that, Nancy is a powerful creator and connector and I knew she could give me the boost I needed to break free of the pack, stand out and set myself apart in a way that felt natural.

I learned easy and effective strategies for increasing my online visibility and making all the pieces fit together in a unified strategy. Those strategies alone allowed me to triple my list size over the last 6 months. But more importantly, I have grown a LOYAL and RESPONSIVE list. I have had conversion rates of 25-30% on multiple offers I’ve made, which shows me that the list I have built using Nancy’s approach is a loyal, responsive list. And yes, I can directly attribute more than $15,000 in revenue to the online social media strategies alone, in less than six months.

Yes, I’m excited about those results, but the best part—the unexpected part—of my work with Nancy has been the dramatic increase in my clarity, confidence, and speed I am feeling in my work. Nancy was able to reach into my heart and show me EXACTLY what it is that I do, what the true impact and potential of that gift is and give me the tools to easily attract the just right opportunities. Because of Nancy’s gifts, I have come out of hiding and am simply on FIRE in my business!

Shawn Driscoll, YourSignatureProgram.com


One of the priceless gifts Nancy offers is her ability to find the perfect words to describe programs and products. With the simple tweak of a title, she helped me create a compelling name for a system that ended up generating over $30,000 this year alone. Language is a big part of how you come across to the public, and I always lean on Nancy to help me find the perfect way to showcase what I’m great at!

Sandra Martini, SandraMartini.com

Amethyst Wyldfyre“Catapulted to high visibility”

Nancy’s work has single handedly catapulted me into a place of high visibility on the internet that almost instantly garnered me increased flow to my business while encouraging me to stay true to myself.

Emerald Peaceful Green Forest

Andrea Spyros“My already thriving business has jumped even more into the spotlight”

Since working with Nancy, my already thriving business has jumped even more into the spotlight. We’ve been featured on E!, MTV, Citysearch.com, Bon Appétit, Los Angeles magazine, and more! I’m sharing my expertise on trends and gift giving with a nationwide audience.”

Nancy made it so easy by helping me focus on my strengths and clearly stating those to the media, joint venture partners, and our local community. A big perk of working with Nancy is having access to her team of experts. She openly shares her great resources for web marketing, copywriting, even bookkeeping and organizing! It truly has been a full service experience working together.

Andrea Spyros
Retail Store Owner, Prosperity Expert

Lisa Jordan“6 Figure Contract with a Major US City”

One of my greatest accomplishments in working with Nancy has been the ability to clearly and concisely state what I do, who I serve, and how I can help organizations enrich their workforces. Because I wore so many hats, it was hard to pinpoint a quick and easy “expert definition”. Through our work together, Nancy helped me see the common threads in my many skills and talents so I could position myself as the obvious choice for the clients I serve. Within weeks of getting clear, I landed a 6 figure contract with a major U.S. city for training and consulting. Now that is what I call a great payoff for being an expert!

Lisa Jordan
Disability and Workforce Development Expert

Elizabeth Hagen“On the Path to a Higher Level of Success”

When I started working with Nancy, I was already well known in my field, but wanted something new and different to take my public presence to a bigger level. In addition to pointing me toward this very lucrative market, she provided strategies and contacts for me so I could begin positioning myself as THE top resource in my field for my chosen audience. Her knowledge of the media, techniques, and positioning have helped me get started on my path to an even higher level of success.

Elizabeth Hagen
Professional Organizer, Author, Speaker

Karen Knowler“Brainstorming Breakthrough”

Working with Nancy has been a joy. She really ‘gets’ me and my brand and is full of exciting and creative ideas about what to do next. She has ideas I would never have known about any other way. In fact, Nancy never fails to amaze me with her extensive list of contacts and high visibility resources, making me realize just how many wonderful ways there are to get my work into the world.

Brainstorming with Nancy is great fun – within a few minutes she helped me rename a book I’d been working on that I had completely lost passion for. By finding a new title that truly reflected my energy and style, I felt motivated again to finish the project and get my special gift of expertise into the hands of the world. That was a real breakthrough moment for me for which I’m extremely grateful. Now I can get the book complete and into the hands of those who want and need it!

Karen Knowler
The Raw Food Coach

Jennifer Haubein“10 Minute Miracle”

Within Just 10 minutes Nancy was able to quickly understand how I help my clients and dig deep into my unique skill. I have never thought of what she revealed as a way to set me apart from the competition and easily attract my ideal clients. I immediately was able to see how this could change my business and is a great way to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Nancy really has a gift for quickly seeing what will make you stand out and be more profitable in your business.

Jennifer Haubein

Kim Nishida“Nancy is the Queen of Under-Promise and Over-Deliver”

Nancy is the queen of under-promise and over-deliver! Out of all the free teleseminars I’ve been to, Nancy is hands down the most impressive guest I have ever heard. She shared so much solid information during one interview that I literally could not type my notes fast enough. I have been a loyal subscriber and rabid fan ever since and continue to take advantage of her social media smarts to boost my visibility on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Kim Nishida
Profitable Online Community Expert

Mary Pat Kavanagh“Pave the Way to Profitable Joint Ventures”

Making connections through social networking is a brilliant way to grow your business AND pave the way to profitable joint ventures. Nancy’s approach to social networking is a sure-fire way to connect you to key people. Her video tips ought to be required viewing for anyone looking to expand into social networking! And because she believes strongly in leveraging your time and efforts, she’ll teach you how to connect with more QUALITY people in less time. I personally follow Nancy’s tips and recommend you do too!”

Mary Pat Kavanagh
“The Queen of Connections”

Leah Komaiko“What is refreshing about working with Nancy is that she is a real human being with a lot of success, no pretense and tremendous smarts. Plus she is generous with all of it!.”

Leah Komaiko
Creating Compelling Brands for Grown Up Women

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