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“When nature has work to be done, she creates a genius.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Nancy Marmolejo energizes audiences by helping them connect to their Deep Genius™, the unique combination of gifts, talents, and experience each person holds.

When people discover their hidden assets, attitude shifts happen on the spot. Audience members report they feel focused, clear, and excited to take action after attending Nancy’s talks and workshops.


Selected Speaking Topics

What Is Deep Genius and How Do We Find It?

You have a unique contribution to offer the world that stems from your innate gifts, learned skills, and life-defining events. These aspects form your “Deep Genius”, the building blocks of what makes you great and valuable.

When you tap into your Deep Genius, you discover new capacities you didn’t know were there. Suddenly you find yourself ready to lead and innovate in new ways, with a sense of ownership in your own talents. You also develop the ability to spot Deep Genius in others, thus uncovering hidden assets in workplaces, institutions, and organizations.

Personal Brand: reINVENTED

Your personal brand reflects a unique combination of your Deep Genius, the mark of what makes you YOU. Knowing what sets you apart and communicating that clearly will make you more memorable, more valued, and supercharge your career and business goals.

  • Easy to follow strategies to highlight the best of you
  • Talking points and connection strategies to upgrade your elevator speech
  • Implementation tips so you can start using what you learn immediately

Leading From The Edge of Genius: How To Ignite Your Greatest Strengths And Create a Culture of Curiosity and Growth

This training teaches leaders how to not only see their own hidden strengths but to see the hidden strengths in their teams. By exposing these assets, your team members will be better utilized, more motivated, and higher performing.

  • Learn how to “read” people and see their hidden talents
  • See if your goals are squashing the genius of your teams
  • Discover habits and practices to cultivate curiosity
  • Open up lines of communication so work flows and is more productive

7 Signs of Deep Genius

In this interactive talk, Nancy takes you through the 7 Signs of Deep Genius. These are the indicators of what happens when your people are fully engaged in their strengths and honored for all they bring to the table.

  • Take the 7 Signs quiz
  • Create action plans and goals
  • Discover areas that are draining your focus, and what to do about them

“Nancy’s presentation at our HOPE Latina Leadership Institute Alumni Conference was filled with humor, insight, and big aha moments for our participants. She gave the audience a new perspective on their unique strengths and left them with doable, concrete action steps. Nancy has
spoken at our conferences several times and we always enjoy bringing in her creative approach to leadership and communication.”
– Helen Torres, Executive Director, HOPE

“Perception is everything and if you can’t clearly identify your strengths, then people won’t understand your value. I feel on purpose
and excited to share my leadership vision with others.”
– Cyndi Padilla, COO, Gain The Edge Now

“I recently had the great fortune of participating in a leadership intensive with Nancy Marmolejo. The insights gained from this event are still resonating with me a month later. Her professional insight combined with her understanding of intuitive elements provided me the exact support I was needing. Nancy is a great facilitator and an excellent speaker!”
Laura LaBine, LaBine and Associates