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Who you are, what sets you apart, your unique qualifications, why they’re important, and how you communicate to the world… these are the elements of your Impact Positioning, your own personal brand.

Impact Positioning is about getting to the core of your Deep Genius and letting that lead you to success, promotions, clients, and opportunities. Through a gentle-but-bold, fun-while-effective, 90-day commitment with coaching calls and deep-thought exercises, we’ll connect all your dots to uncover your immense value. (It’s fun and feels great! So I’ve been told.) When you’ve fallen in love with your brand of Deep Genius, we go on to craft strategies that benefit your business and career. 

Our work together can include some or all of these:

  • Identifying key aspects of your Deep Genius to position your expertise
  • Updating your bio on your website, LinkedIn, social media etc
  • Brainstorming content ideas and laying a groundwork for building your thought leadership
  • Prepping you for your next big move: board positions, promotions… wherever you’re going to be seen.
  • Incorporating your core values into all you do so your work makes an impact

Is your business infused with a special cultural flavor? I have direct experience helping women & BIPOC proudly promote their pizazz. 


For over 15 years, I’ve helped entrepreneurs and professionals position themselves as experts in their industries so they can make the impact they dream of. Using online marketing, social media, personal branding, and smart visibility strategies, we put you front and center so you shine as a thought leader. This 90-day minimum partnership is ideal for anyone fed up with feeling invisible, overlooked, or underestimated. 

Here are some things we can work on together:

  • Messaging makeover
  • Social media content strategy
  • Online visibility plan
  • Pitching yourself to podcasts, media, etc
  • Finding your lane with Signature Speeches and topics
  • Activating your voice to address social justice as part of your message
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After identifying your goals as a leader, we’ll create your authentic plan to inspire, motivate and unite the people around you. You’ll get your personal branding fine-tuned and optimized, then learn how to leverage it so the people you lead are excited by your vision. I’m certified in the DiSC assessment and we may use this as a tool for greater self-awareness. Leadership coaching is unique to each person; starting from the foundation of your own Deep Genius, we’ll unlock the greatest leadership capacity you have.

This process is also adaptable for your teams and organizations.

Our work together can include some or all of the following:

  • DiSC Assessment
  • Emotional Intelligence coaching and development
  • Communication Skills for meetings, difficult conversations, public speaking and more
  • Positioning yourself for leadership, boards, public office
  • Online visibility makeover: LinkedIn, website… wherever you’re being seen

DiSC Assessment

As a certified DiSC Facilitator, I can help you understand your behavioral style, communication style, strengths and growth areas with the help of this research=backed and validated tool.

Available for individuals, teams and entire organizations, this assessment will help you:

  • Develop leadership skills
  • Help established leaders be more adaptive to the changing workplace
  • Give concrete strategies to end miscommunication and conflict in work settings
  • Improve Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • Understand why other people respond and react differently than you… and how NOT to make that a problem!
  • Put anti-racism and inclusion into action by better understanding others

There are several different assessments under the DiSC banner. You can take the assessments as a stand alone with no coaching, or you can combine it with a coaching package (recommended). Contact me using the form below for more info.

DiSC assessment

Does your workplace promote diversity and inclusion? I have direct experience helping women & BIPOC lead with clarity, confidence and authenticity. 

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I believe that EVERYONE holds Deep Genius  and that you have the power to change your business and career by tapping into it!

“I came to Nancy because I wanted a clear and concise way to define my leadership style and communicate it effectively. I feel on purpose and excited to share my leadership vision with others.”

Cyndi Padilla, COO, Gain The Edge

“The personal branding work I’ve done with Nancy revealed the right emotion and words to attract the perfect woman for my trainings. It’s been a great experience working with her and learning more about my genius.”

Joanna Lindenbaum,  Creator of Sacred Depths Coach Training

“My work is taking on a big, bold new direction and the work I did with Nancy pointed it in the direction I’ve always wanted to go in!”

Therese Skelly, #FiercelyHERE

NANCY MARMOLEJO, founder of Talent and Genius,  teaches entrepreneurs, leaders, and teams how to tap into their unique genius and use it to lead, communicate, and create more powerfully. Since 2003, Nancy’s business consulting has helped clients from around the world communicate more clearly, improve productivity, and develop compassionate leadership skills.  A regular contributor to Forbes and HuffPo, she’s won numerous awards for her business for service and innovation.  She’s also been featured in Smart Money, Redbook, Latina Magazine, The Orange County Register, Univision , NPR and many more. Nancy is the host of the top rated podcast, Itenco: Lessons For The Leading Edge and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her amazing family and a very large orange cat.