The World Doesn’t Need Another Carbon Copy… The World Needs YOU

Inside of you is a unique combination of life experience, formal training, innate gifts, and natural strengths that make up your one-of-a-kind genius.

Your unique genius is the key to success in your business and career. It holds the secret to your strengths as a leader. It gives you the vision for your next big idea. It guides you to make the best decisions for yourself and others.

When you’re living in your genius, you feel complete and total clarity. You know what to say “Yes” to and what to say “No” to. You move forward instead of second guessing yourself. You hear your intuition. You have a sense of humor and a feeling of happiness all around you.

And What Happens When You’re NOT Living In Your Genius?

  • Well, ever have one of those days where every decision you make backfires?
  • Or no matter what you say, nobody seems to hear you the way you intended?
  • Or your last great idea was years ago and you’re wondering if your creative thinking skills have all dried up?
  • Or you’re frustrated with your business or career and need to find your magic again?
  •  Or sales are down and no matter what you do, nothing is moving the needle?

When you’re out of touch with your greatest strengths, and can’t see the big vision for your life, then you get stuck. It’s impossible to create day-to-day actions if there isn’t a master plan to follow. That would be like showing up to build a house with just a hammer and nails, and no blueprint.


My coaching gets you to the heart of your genius: your innate gifts, natural skills, formal training, and life experience. With those components we get a broader view of who YOU really are and all you bring to the table.

I’ve been a professionally trained coach since 2003 and have helped thousands of people through my direct coaching, online classes, live events, articles, and interviews. It’s the missing piece to move you forward.

I understand what makes people tick and how you can make rapid, powerful changes in your life. I’m unashamedly right-brained, empathic, a visionary, and highly intuitive. Meanwhile, I’m no stranger to pulling all the ideas together into a cohesive plan to guide my clients through change.

I Love To Work With:

– Entrepreneurs/ Business Owners looking to reach their next big breakthrough

– Executives who want to lead with more clarity and vision

– Career Professionals ready to leap forward with a powerful personal brand and purpose

– Leaders ready to challenge their assumptions and lean into their “leading edge”

Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Executives, and Career Professionals Develop:

– Leadership capacity that makes you more effective in your work

– Clarity in the way you communicate, direct and manage

– Focus on strengths areas where you’re most effective and impactful

– Emotional Intelligence that amplifies and improves your people skills

– Heightened Intuition that helps you read into people and feel greater empathy

– Confidence in your value and contribution in work, your community, and your personal life

– Self-awareness that supports your personal growth

Coaching Packages For Individuals


Next 3 Steps Consultation

Before committing to a coaching package, you might want to try a single session with me to explore 1 area you’re working on and to create an action plan of your Next 3 Steps.

Designed for people who’ve never coached with me before, this consultation will give you clarity and focus so you have your action plan written out. Should you decide to do more work with me after this consultation, the cost will be applied toward your coaching package.


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NANCY MARMOLEJO, founder of Talent and Genius,  teaches entrepreneurs, leaders, and teams how to tap into their unique genius and use it to lead, communicate, and create more powerfully. Since 2003, Nancy’s business consulting has helped clients from around the world communicate more clearly, improve productivity, and develop compassionate leadership skills.  A regular contributor to Forbes and HuffPo, she’s won numerous awards for her business for service and innovation.  She’s also been featured in Smart Money, Redbook, Latina Magazine, The Orange County Register, Univision , NPR and many more. Nancy is the host of the top rated podcast, Itenco: Lessons For The Leading Edge and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her amazing family and a very large orange cat.