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“You’re Sitting on a Gold Mine!”

And like so many, you can’t see it. But I can.

-From the desk of Nancy Marmolejo-


Nancy Marmolejo, Marketing Strategist

“You’re sitting on a gold mine!”

You’d probably hear me say that if you and I talked about your business.

You see, I spot opportunities for you.

  • Money making opportunities.
  • Client attracting opportunities
  • Opportunities to get known as an expert
  • Time saving, revenue generating opportunities.
  • Credibility boosting, income skyrocketing, “I love my life!” opportunities

And once I reflect those opportunities back to you, you’ll clearly see them too… and secretly kick yourself for not seeing them before!


So Where Is Your Gold Mine Hiding?

I’d like to help you find it. And I have a powerful way to make it happen.

Introducing the T.A.G. Mentoring Group


Imagine discovering your hidden gold mines, what I call your Talent and Genius (T.A.G.) to bring your business forward.

And see yourself opening up to MORE of what you crave…

IHMB best group shot

I bring together great groups of coaches and consultants!

  • More support so ideas turn into action.
  • More accountability so effort pays off with sales
  • More resources so time isn’t spent trying to figure it out alone
  • More clients
  • More money
  • More opportunities
  • More peace of mind


The T.A.G. Mentoring Group is a mastermind where your Talent and Genius stand center stage. Where you’ll focus entirely on what makes you YOU, how you stand out, and how to leverage that towards a 6 figure business.

You’ll learn how to claim your special gifts, find the precise language that will drive people to you, and how to package your services so you get paid what you’re worth.

You’ll meet kindred spirits, entrepreneurs who are as driven to put good into the world as they are to make great money and live a dream life.

The T.A.G. Mentoring Group is a mastermind where your Talent and Genius stand center stage. Where you’ll focus entirely on what makes you YOU, how you stand out, and how to leverage that for more business.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Position your business around the hidden gold mine: your Talent and Genius!
  • Stand out in your field so competition is no longer a worry
  • Create your “business vocabulary” and find the exact trigger words that will get ideal clients to buy from you
  • Package your services in leveraged offers so you get paid what you’re worth
  • Promote your business so ideal clients flock to you and become your raving fans
  • Strategically grow your business with online and offline tactics
  • Expand your possibilities and explode your income!

If you’re tired of figuring things out on your own, seeing less-qualified people walk off with your ideal clients, and being invisible, then you’re a great candidate for this group.

How do you know if this is right for you?

The T.A.G. Mentoring Group is Perfect for You If You’re…

  • 100% committed to the success of your business
  • Dedicated to setting goals and taking action to achieve them
  • Sure that Nancy and her laser-focus, results-oriented style is the right fit for you
  • A  motivated action taker
  • An optimist! Capable of seeing possibilities, opportunities, and bouncing back when need be
  • Able to take feedback and move into new growth areas to further yourself and your business
  • Collaborative and willing to share your Talent and Genius with peers
  • Willing to stretch and challenge yourself
  • Motivated by more than just money- you really want to put good into the world and your business is how you can do that!

Here’s what’s included in the T.A.G. Mentoring Group

  • 4 months of intense focus, top notch resources, and accountability
  • Private, one-on-one coaching with Nancy Marmolejo to fine-tune your goals and strategy
  • Weekly group calls to keep momentum high and stay on track
  • Step-by-Step training to position yourself as an expert
  • Marketing training so you understand how to attract perfect clients and opportunities
  • Monetizing tips to put your services together in high-value packages
  • Integrity based selling strategies from top coaches and mentors
  • Client-Only bonuses such as special calls, workshops, and resources
  • Networking and collaboration opportunities
  • Plus surprises, bonuses, fun and more!

If this sounds like exactly what you need to move forward then click the button below and to apply for a one-on-one consultation with me, Nancy Marmolejo. Entry into the Mastermind is by interview only and spaces are limited. 



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