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What is T.A.G?

Inside of you is an extraordinary combination of traits that mark you as unique.  Some are traits you were born with (your GENIUS), and others are things you developed through life (your TALENTS).

The Intersection of Talent and Genius is not a single fixed point on a graph.  Think of it as two expansive, overlapping circles creating a big space for your strengths to thrive in. This is where you are when you are your most creative, innovative, and powerful.

To be in your Talent and Genius you start by examining your own innate strengths and life experiences.  By studying yourself, you’ll soon be able to spot the Genius in others. That’s where the real magic begins, when your Talent and Genius interplay with the Talent and Genius of others. That’s where evolutionary change happens… and that is the space of Genius.

What would it be like to lead your business from your intersection of Talent and Genius? Apply for a consultation to learn more about the possibilities of working directly with Nancy Marmolejo, founder of T.A.G., or one of her trained coaches.

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