Let Your Talent and Genius Be Your Guide To Success 

From the desk of Nancy Marmolejo
Dear Friend:

Are you trying to figure out what sets you apart so people want what you have and will pay your top prices?

Do you feel like you’re losing opportunities simply because you can’t communicate the magic you bring to the table?

Are you tired of getting passed over, losing opportunities to less qualified people who your ideal clients hire instead of hiring you?

Coaches, consultants, healers and other change-agents like you struggle with this every day: you’re great at what you do, but you have a hard time getting people to understand how life-changing and important it is.

What’s even more frustrating is that this isn’t just a problem for the “newbie” or person just starting out. Even seasoned coaches, mentors, and healers struggle with this.


Because we’re constantly learning, growing and evolving. And as we learn, grow, and evolve, our message needs to change too. But for many, it doesn’t and there are 3 key things you must understand first:

If you don’t understand your unique genius, the value of it, or how to communicate it, then you’re at risk of jumping prematurely for a solution that you’re not ready for, such as:


Branding is an essential piece to your business, but if you don’t understand your talent and genius, your brand will boil down to nothing more than images and a logo. You deserve more than that, and the team doing your branding will LOVE working with you when you come in knowing WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU’RE ALL ABOUT. I’ve worked with so many people who jumped the gun with branding, and lived to regret it.


From VIP Days to High End Coaching Programs to Retreats and Workshops… these are all GREAT ideas for a business, but not for a business that doesn’t have a finely tuned message. Like branding, I’ve met so many people who turned to these programs hoping it would help them figure out who they were, but only ended up adding to the frustration. If you don’t know your genius, how to communicate it, and the value of it, how will you sell anyone into these high end services?


Again, these strategies rock… when you have a killer message. If you don’t have a strong handle on your genius and how important what you do is for your ideal clients, then you’re putting the cart way, way, way before the horse.

Save Yourself The Time And
Anguish And Get Your Foundation In Order First!

When I started my first coaching business in 2003, I tried to be all things to all people. My business card listed anything and everything I wanted to help you with: life, business, career, creativity, work/life balance… nobody noticed me.

I remember going to networking events and sounding like everyone else. I was so lost!

Then I remembered something from growing up in a family business: to succeed, people need to find you and remember you.

I set out to find what made me unique and memorable, and tied that into my offers, services, marketing, events… everything!

I developed a message built around my unique gifts and my special way of showing up in the world. Each time I demonstrated those gifts through coaching, mentoring, speaking, and teaching, it reinforced my message, attracted more clients and anchored my name in my industry.

It also served as a viral marketing tool, because when your message is understood by everyone in your network, it’s easy for opportunities to be sent your way.

And guess what? This helps you show up authentically, which people will LOVE you for. The market is so tired of fake people with fake offers, you’ll be the breath of fresh air they’ve been waiting for.

Let me take you by the hand and lead you step-by-step through my proven process. It will help you unlock what’s really cooking beneath the surface so you can finally set yourself apart from the pack.

Until now, the only way you could access this would be to hire me for thousands of dollars and have me lead you through it personally. But I’ve created a recorded training that will take you through the exact same steps my clients go through.

As I guide you through this online training, you’ll be able to unpack all the ingredients that make you unique, one-of-a-kind and able to stand out. You’ll learn things about yourself you may not have known before and most importantly, have a PLAN all mapped out so you can align your talent and genius to your business. It’s called The T.A.G. Master Plan. 

  • Find your innate intelligences with the 8 Smarts grid
  • Step-by-Step guide to discover your VALUE and how to bring your genius to the market
  • 6 steps to communicate your Talent and Genius so the world finally “gets” you (this will help you so much with marketing and messaging!)
  • Detailed Master Plan so you know exactly what steps to take in the next 7, 30, and 365 days
  • Ideas to use immediately in your business to expand your reach and create the business you love
  • Immediate online access

“Nancy’s “thing” is helping you come up with your own talent and genius. I’m soooo happy that she does this because when I was doing a lot of soul searching, HER genius was helping me discover mine. She helped me to take a powerful step in launching the most aligned offer I’ve ever done in my life. I feel like I’m free. THAT’S what she does. Thank you Nancy!
Anastasia Netri, AnastasiaNetri.com

“I work with businesses who want to reach the top 10% of their markets so I need to communicate my ultimate value to them in a way that gets them excited to invest in themselves. With Nancy’s help, we crafted multiple ways of describing my expertise that I had been blind to for years. The results have been outstanding. Understanding my talent and genius and applying it to my business communication keeps me focused and profitable. I’m extremely happy I chose to work with Nancy.”
Matthew Peters, AuthorityMarketingFilms.com

Plus Let Me Gift You This Special Bonus Training ($297 Value)

Once you complete the Talent and Genius Master Plan, you’ll instantly want to know, “OK, what’s next?”

When you open up this genius part of you, so much more wants to flow out! That’s why I’m offering an additional training ($297 value) for no extra cost:

Shattering the Message Paradigm: 5 Secrets to Communicate Your Magic so the World Sees and Hears You

If you’re not effectively communicating your value on all levels, then things will stay spinning where they are.

In This Training, You’ll Discover How to Find the “Deep Roots” of Your Message

When you interact with this info packed session, you won’t go straight to a “tagline generator” or a copy-me formula.

You’ll go straight to your core to discover what wants to be said in your message and why.

Shattering the Message Paradigm will give you the tools to create a message that lasts!

What’s Included In This Special Bonus:

  • Complete 2 hour, online training seminar
  • Easy to follow format that’s designed for fast results
  • Exercises to guide you to breakthroughs and new perspectives
  • Case Studies from real life success stories so you can see the impact possible for YOU!
  • 24/7 online access

This training normally sells alone for $297. You will get it at no additional cost when you enroll in the TAG Master Plan.

Let’s add this all up:

Talent and Genius Master Plan ($297 value)

  • Step-by-step process to discover your Talent and Genius
  • Handouts, exercises, and checklists so you can customize this to you
  • Goal setting guide
  • Instant online access
  • 24/7 availability

Special Bonus: Shattering the Message Paradigm ($297 Value)

  • Complete 2 hour, online training seminar
  • Easy to follow format that’s designed for fast results
  • Exercises to guide you to breakthroughs and new perspectives
  • Case Studies from real life success stories so you can see the impact possible for YOU!
  • 24/7 online access



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“Working with Nancy takes a deep dive into the exact words needed to tee up the emotions and impact I needed for my business. In fact, by working with Nancy, NOT ONLY did my language get better, BUT ALSO my business itself. By clearly identifying the target of my work, we were able to define and hit the bullseye as I discuss my customer loyalty work with potential clients. I am THRILLED with the outcome of working with Nancy.”
Ali Cudby, YourIconicBrand.com

“Nancy takes a fresh approach to busting through to clarity. Coming from a creative background, I love her non-traditional process to connecting the dots and making you really hone in on your strengths and gifts. Her exercises are fun, thought provoking and non-linear, yet ideas come together into a tight package that makes sense and feels powerful. Nancy herself is a positive, inspired spirit, yet blunt and to the point. If you’re lacking clarity in your business, not sure how or why you stand out or have a million thoughts and need to weed through them, Nancy is your solution!”
Tina Paymaster, Self Care Crusader

“In three steps, Nancy helped me link a tangle of disparate concepts about how I work and what I help people accomplish, into a unique, succinct strategy.I’ve had amazing help from mentors and trainers. I choose to only work with the best of the best. What Nancy did was give me a final nudge that catalyzed a swarm of ideas into something concise. I highly recommend you work with her!”
Dr. Ken Christian PHD , Author of “Your Own Worst Enemy: Breaking the Habit of Adult Underachievement”

“When Nancy worked with me to fine tune how I communicate my expertise, I was so happy with the results! It really feels like ME and comes straight from the heart. I’m able to stand out as who I am and sincerely reach the people who I love to help. I highly recommend Nancy’s magic so you can stand out in your field!”
PJ Van Hulle, Creator of Listapalooza and ListBuilding Rockstars

Discover Your Talent and Genius TODAY



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365 Day Guarantee

I’m so confident you’ll love this training, that I’ll give you my 365 Day Guarantee. If you purchase this training, do the exercises, and see no results in getting clarity towards an authentic message, then simply contact me and I’ll refund your money out of my own purse.