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I love surprising people with cool gifts, and here’s one for YOU:

It’s a special training for coaches and consultants

“How to Create Killer Coaching and Consulting Packages” ($197 value)

How to Create Killer Coaching and Consulting Packages

If you’re simply selling your time by the hour or numbers of coaching sessions per month, then you’re NOT profiting from your Talent and Genius.

The video gives a quick overview of strategies you can put into action TODAY.

The audio is from an actual training I held for my subscribers where I outlined the strategy in more detail, answered TONS of great questions (probably the same questions you have) and there’s even some hotseat coaching in there.




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T.A.G. Mentoring is a powerful way to zero in on your Talent and Genius with proven strategies for your business.

Since 2003, I’ve mentored entrepreneurs and have a specialty for teaching coaches and consultants how to get more clients and make more money.

Killer offers are definitely a part of it. Coaches who found themselves stuck learned how to generate 5 figures in as little as a week!

I invite you to learn about my T.A.G. Intensive Mentoring– it’s a powerful solution for coaches and consultants ready to speed up their results and make more money.