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Social Media Marketing That Captures Your True Voice

After spending over a decade helping consultants, coaches and trainers use social media to build their online presence, I discovered many simply didn’t have the bandwidth to do all that was required.

“Can you just have someone do it for me?” was a frequent request.

Or, very successful colleagues would private message me with the confession that their social media had no strategy and was nothing more than a mish mosh of posts. They saw how not having a strategy was leaving money on the table.

“Can you just have someone do it for me?” I heard again.

I listened and I asked what people wanted.

  • Ease
  • Authenticity
  • Consistency
  • ROI

One thing led to another and in 2018, I launched a social media agency.

Understanding (Like REALLY Understanding) Your Core Message

As an avid social media user since the early 2000s, I’ve built a strong network by focusing on relationship building, engaging content and spotting trends.

Clients who hire us for social media management get all of our senses tuned into them. My team and I take extra effort to understand their core message both from their perspective and from their ideal clients’. We hold long discussions to understand what a brand is really trying to say, how best to say it, what visuals support that, and what media is best.

We only work with a select number of clients because of the commitment we have to delving deeply into each client’s brand voice. We get random ideas for our clients. Imaginations are always on.

We want your social media presence to feel personalized, as if you’re standing right there talking to your client. By building trust and brand awareness, you build a loyal customer base.

We’re all very proud of the results clients are getting too!

  • Increased web traffic
  • Increased opt-ins
  • Sold-out programs
  • Media attention
  • High-end clients
  • More followers
  • More sales
  • New clients
  • Invitations to speak
  • More effective marketing funnels
  • Higher ad conversions at a lower cost
  • Cost savings by having our team implement the strategies

Want to Learn More?

We love working with consulting, coaching and training companies who are doing good in the world… but know their social media isn’t performing as well as it could. Our typical clients have solid marketing strategies in place, but lack the bandwidth to spread their name across social channels.

Sound like a fit for you?

Use the form below to tell me what you’d like to see happening with your social media and we can set up a meeting to further discuss.