Meet Nancy Marmolejo

I’m a teacher at heart.

I help entrepreneurs, executives, founders, and thought leaders who want to create a greater level of impact, legacy, and contribution.

A devoted student of human nature, I get to the heart of what makes a person tick and help them leverage that to make a lasting imprint on the world. My clients end up with more than a blueprint for their future goals; they end up with a renewed sense of their value and worth.

Along the way, I’ve collected over 100 media credits, received awards for creativity and innovation in business, showed up  in 5 books (and counting), and hold a Masters Degree in Multicultural Education. My first career as a teacher taught me how to find the gold in everyone helped hone the skills of discovering the innate genius in all.

On a Personal Note:

I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and returned  in 2013 after many years away. I have a teenage daughter, a wonderful man in my life who I refer to as “El Sweetie”, and a large orange cat named Orange Kitty. .

Since my early 20’s, I’ve been on a spiritual path and that quest spills over into my work. Asking the deeper questions is something I greatly enjoy doing. To keep things in balance, though, I’ve been known to binge watch episodes of Sons of Anarchy, House of Cards,  and be the loudest voice around while watching sports. (Go A’s! Go Raiders! Go Warriors!) To me, a good life is a varied life. Remaining curious and open is how I stay on my leading edge.

My podcast, Itenco: Lessons For The Leading Edge, has been in the Top 3 of iTunes and made a mark as a space for thought leadership.

Get With Me When You:

  • Crave INTENSE CLARITY  on your vision and mission so you can stop swimming in confusion and wake up each morning KNOWING how to inspire and lead
  • Are TIRED of playing it safe, READY to find your leading edge of creative action, innovation, and DARING
  • Commit to being a VALUES DRIVEN decision maker, not by memorizing scripts from a training or book,  but by being completely ALIGNED with your core values
  • Are ready to serve at a HIGHER level, seeing your work as more than work, but as part of YOUR LEGACY
  • Are open to embrace and OWN  your unique gifts, so you have the perfect blueprint to lead with ease and confidence

Listen to Nancy’s podcast, Itenco: Lessons For The Leading Edge

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AJ headshot

“Nancy has a true gift when it comes to unlocking the genius in all of us and giving clarity in a world of confusion.”

AJ Roberts, World Powerlifting Record Holder, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author

Pam Headshot

“Nancy delivers, and you should not pass up the opportunity to work with her.”

Pamela Slim , Author, Speaker, Blogger

Bill Headshot

“Nancy Marmolejo is one of the freshest, most thought provoking voices in business. Every time I have a conversation with her, I come away changed and my mind starts turning in a different way.”

Bill Baren,host of The Big Shift Podcast
and CEO of Bill Baren Coaching