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Meet Nancy MarmolejoFounder of Talent and Genius

Hi, I’m Nancy Marmolejo, founder of Talent and Genius. I’m passionate about helping individuals and teams uncover their hidden strengths and untapped potential.

My superpower is the ability to see into and reflect back to people their strengths- in short, THEIR superpowers.

As an executive coach, corporate trainer, keynote speaker and consultant, I’ve made it my life’s work to create “aha moments” that spark personal transformation, healthy curiosity, and organizational change.

Using my signature Deep Genius process, we dig deeply into what makes us great and use that to improve our work, communication, engagement, productivity, and leadership. This fosters belonging, inclusion and retainment … and is much needed after all we’ve been through since 2020.


Dubbed a “professional paradigm shifter”, I’ve appeared in Forbes, The Huffington Post, Latina, Univision, Smart Money, Redbook, as well as many popular podcasts.

My clients include leaders in engineering, aerospace, tech, hospitality, government, global consulting, and DEI. My more reserved engineering and tech clients call me a Geek Whisperer, as I have found a way to get even the most reluctant of introverts to feel comfortable and honored in the work we do.

Fun Facts:

  • I grew up in a big family (youngest of 6) and started working in our family business at age 13.
  • My first career was in Education, I taught everything from Kindergarten to Adults, devoting my career to working with at-risk, non-English speaking students.
  • I started my business after my daughter was born, she’s now in college…  so go do the math.
  • I was awarded Congressional Recognition for my success as a Latina business owner
  • I’m a big trivia nerd.
  • I have attended 2 World Series, both to cheer on the Oakland A’s. Go Oakland!
  • I speak English, Spanish and have taken classes in Nahuatl and French.
  • Speaking of taking classes, I’m always enrolled in some learning activity.
  • I am fascinated (maybe a bit obsessed) with people, so the work I do is a joy!
  • When I was 5 years old, I wrote a short poem and my mother was so impressed she copied it onto index cards and passed them out to anyone and everyone.
  • I was a handful as a teenager, mainly because I have always been curious, adventurous and not afraid to be the first to try something. I’m wiser now but still driven by curiosity and trying new things!
  • I love to garden, but I’m not a fussy gardener. I’m more of a “put it in the ground and watch with amazement” nature lover.
  • Hummingbirds find me. They just do.
  • I have strong intuition, amazing abilities to manifest parking spots, and walk around in a state of joyful expectancy.
  • I believe people are inherently good and remain optimistic… even though world events could point to the contrary, I stay optimistic.