Let Me Guide You to Discover Your Genius, Find Your True Message, and Get More Visibility… So You Can Stop Being Invisible and Connect With Your Perfect Clients

Dear Coaches and Consultants:

Whether you’re an experienced coach or just starting out, that invisible feeling in our industry is at an all-time high.

You’re not getting the clients you want.

Your competition, who isn’t even as good as you are, is getting all the attention… and you’re not

You wonder if anyone anywhere knows who you are…

You Don’t Need Another Marketing Do-Dah

You probably see ads for the latest hot thing in marketing. Is Snapchat really it? What ever happened to all that Pinterest mania? Is it true Google hangouts died? Now you’re expected to launch big sales events and do webinars?

It’s maddening, and you don’t have to fall for these “cure-all” fixes to start seeing results!

You don’t need to start with all these tactics… you just need to start with YOU.

You Are Your Brand, and That Is a Reflection of Your Unique Genius!

With That Figured Out, The Rest Falls into Place

    • You’re crystal clear on who you are and what problems you solve
    • You know what differentiates you from your competitors and peers
    • You find the perfect words to describe what you do (that’s your “message”)
    • You have the right strategy to be more visible
    • You know what to say, where to show up, and how to connect powerfully with your ideal clients

    I’m Ready to Share with You Exactly How to Transform Your Business with My Proven Method

    When you apply what I teach, you’ll have the tools to be seen and heard and pierce the attention of your ideal client.

    You’ll know how to confidently position yourself, convey a message that attracts top-tier clients, attract visibility opportunities, and give your personal brand a much needed update.

    Over the course of 6 eye-opening weeks, you’ll learn:

    • Visibility strategies so your perfect clients see you, hear you, and respond to your message and say YES to your offers
    • The exact method I use with my private clients to see beyond your current goals; you’ll discover how to tap into the highest vision for yourself and the work you do
    • How to find your unique Talent and Genius, that special combination of innate gifts and skills ONLY you possess!
    • My Collecting and Connecting™ coaching method, that draws out the hard-to-spot qualities in you that really make you stand out
    • How to notice themes and patterns in your life and work that can be used to spotlight your expertise and unique genius
    • How to empathically connect with your ideal client so deeply that you’ll “hear” their cries for help in their exact language, not just make up what you think their “pain points” are
    • 3 of my top messaging strategies that work! You’ll feel a new sense of freedom when you describe your work with ease and confidence
    • Leverage strategies that take your message and multiply it across all your marketing channels

    “Expanded My Reach”

    I came to Nancy with some messaging confusion and because I wanted to expand my reach and draw in more clients from speaking and online marketing. Knowing how vulnerable people can be around love and relationships, my area of expertise, I needed a message that would move past their fears and touch their hearts. At the same time, I didn’t want to sound like every other relationship expert out there because the path I teach is truly revolutionary! Nancy took me through her process and I was able to connect to my ideal client in a way that was completely different and profound. I know they feel as if I’m speaking directly to them now, whether I’m presenting from the stage or posting on social media. This clarity increased my focus, it redefined my visibility, and was exactly what I needed to grow into the next phase of my life’s work!

    Barb Beck


    Here’s what The Master Class looks like, week by week, starting
    March 2, 2017:

    Week 1: The Visioning Session

    This is a powerful way to start our work together. During the Visioning Session, you’ll be guided through a process to help you see beyond where you currently are.

    You will:

    • Tap into the highest vision for you and your work
    • Witness yourself in excellence and mastery
    • Experience what it is like to touch the lives of exactly who you’re meant to help, on whatever level you’re called to.
    • See yourself easily shift from where you are now to where you are called to be.

    This Visioning Session invites your subconscious and your intuition to help you set goals. Once you get a vision, there’s no “unseeing” it!

    Week 2: The Genius Session

    You’ll be guided through my signature process to pull out your unique talent and genius.

    You will:

    • Receive new insights about your innate gifts and what you stand
    • Piece together all the wonderful parts of you and see common threads and themes that define you, your expertise, and your distinct calling
    • Get clarity around “what you do” or “who you are”, especially if you’re a growth oriented person with multiple skills and talents!

    Week 3: The Empathy Session

    In Week 3, you’ll gain an understanding of your ideal client in a way unlike any other.

    You will:

    • Understand the people who crave your help on the most intimate level
    • Discover important information about who you’re here to serve
    • “Hear” your ideal client speak directly to you, giving you the precise language and emotion needed to craft a message that will capture their attention and build instant trust.

    Week 4: The Message Session Part 1

    In Week 4, you’ll be introduced to my method of crafting a client attracting, credibility boosting message.

    You will:

    • Create 3 authentic, “sounds just like you” messages that speak from the heart and connect with ideal clients
    • Find the perfect language for your personal brand
    • Get coaching and feedback to move you forward

    Week 5: The Message Session / Coaching Part 2

    In part 2 of Messaging, you will:

    • Fine tune your message and learn how to leverage it across all your marketing channels
    • Practice saying, speaking, and sharing your message in formal and informal ways
    • Get coaching and direct feedback

    Week 6: The Visibility Session

    In Week 6, you’ll create a visibility strategy so your personal brand, expertise, and message are seen and heard!

    You will:

    • Learn how to gain the trust and attention of your ideal client through your content
    • Create a strategy to increase the impact of your social profiles and public presence
    • Learn my favorite tools and techniques to be visible and influential
    • What to avoid so you’re not part of the “noise”
    • Learn how to get the word out in a way that people notice

    How It Works: The Nuts and Bolts

    • Materials: When you sign up for the Master Class, you’ll instantly get a welcome message from me giving you the lay of the land. You’ll get access to materials, links, and tips for success.
    • 6 Q&A Calls: Each week, I’ll hold a special Q&A coaching session. The call will be recorded so don’t worry if you can’t make each week. This is where you can ask me questions and get coaching on the focus for each week.
    • Private Group: You’ll have access to a private group where you can ask questions, share your insights, and meet other classmates
    • Implementation: You’ll be able to implement things as soon as possible- no need to wait 6 weeks to put things into place. Action taking is highly encouraged!
    • Start Date: March 2, 2017

    “The Perfect Solution”

    “The work I do is deep, multi-faceted, and sometimes hard to explain in a few sentences. My business has grown by word-of-mouth for years, but I wanted to create a bigger online presence so more women can learn the unique coaching and facilitation skills I teach. To do that, I had to find the perfect language to reach the hearts of my ideal clients. The personal branding work I’ve done with Nancy has revealed the right emotion and words to attract the exact woman who is perfect for my trainings. It’s been a great experience working with her and learning more about my genius.”

    Joanna Lindenbaum, Seminar Leader, Coach, Master Facilitator www.JoannaLindenbaum.com

    “A New Perspective on My Brilliance”

    “I love helping my coaching clients find their brilliance, what Nancy calls their “genius”. But you know what? Even I need a second set of eyes to get clear on my own gifts! I knew I was missing something vital and Nancy helped me find it. She saw something I was overlooking, and when she reflected it back to me I instantly got it. It was a huge lightbulb moment! My work is taking on a big, bold new direction and the work I did with Nancy helped point it in the direction I’ve always wanted it to go in.”

    Therese Skelly
    Founder of FiercelyHere.com

    “Defining Myself as Leader”

    “As the COO of a rapidly growing company, my role can shift from fighting fires to making far reaching decisions. I came to Nancy because I wanted a clear and powerful way to define my leadership style and communicate it effectively. She helped me pinpoint that, and also helped me launch a visibility campaign that put my leadership philosophy into the world. Perception is everything and if you can’t clearly identify your strengths, then people won’t understand your value. I feel on purpose and excited to share my leadership vision with others.”

    Cyndi Padilla
    COO, GainTheEdgeNow.com

    Join Us

    Coaches and consultants, you can attract clients and get more visibility when you follow my proven strategies.

    Let me guide you step by step so you can move out of the frustration of being invisible and stand 100% in your genius.

    I’m a coach too, I understand how important it is to connect authentically. Our ideal clients don’t want hype- they want help!

    My methods have served me very well for 14 years now. Let me share this with you so you can enjoy success on your terms.

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