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What Is Deep Genius™… and How Do We Ignite It?

You have a unique contribution to offer the world that stems from your innate gifts, learned skills, and life experience. This is your Deep Genius™, the building blocks of what makes you great and valuable.

When you tap into your Deep Genius™, you discover abilities you may not have seen before:


  • Leadership capacity that makes you more effective in your work


  • Clarity in the way you communicate, direct and manage


  • Focus on strengths areas where you’re most effective and impactful


  • Emotional Intelligence that amplifies and improves your people skills


  • Heightened Intuition that helps you read into people and feel greater empathy


  • Confidence in your value and contribution in work, your community, and your personal life


  • Self-awareness that supports your personal growth

And when you’re able to ignite the Deep Genius™ in yourself, you then can ignite it in others


You uncover hidden assets in your clients, your community, your workplace, and the market you serve. Imagine the impact of your work when you can activate more potential in everyone you work with!


You’re Invited To Ignite Your Deep Genius™


Treat yourself to learning what Deep Genius™ is and how it can be a tool for a more productive, inclusive, energized way of showing up in your business, work, and life


  • Explore The Deep 3, a trio of powerful questions that get to the core of who you are, what you’re great at, and why that’s important


  • Find aspects of your innate strengths, education, and even life experiences that uniquely define you and your areas of strength


  • Discover why so many people overlook their greatest gifts and how that’s holding back your business and success


  • Change the language you use to describe who you are and what you do so that it’s more reflective of your Deep Genius™ and all you bring to the table


  • Develop an action plan based on maximizing your Deep Genius™ so you can lead, create, and show up more powerfully


  • Sharpen your intuitive and observational skills by learning how to spot the Deep Genius™ in others


  • Ask bigger questions to apply your Deep Genius™ like “What am I here to create?” and “How can I be more impactful?”


  • Learn special meditation, visualization, and mindset techniques to activate more growth and accelerate your results


  • Incorporate your Deep Genius™ to plan more effectively for your business, broaden your goals, and reignite the passion you have for life and your special calling



Ready to Learn More?


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