Deep Genius Workshop

What Is Deep Genius™… and How Do We Find It?

You have a unique contribution to offer the world that stems from your innate gifts, learned skills, and life experience. This is your Deep Genius™, the building blocks of what makes you great and valuable.


When you tap into your Deep Genius™, you discover abilities you may not have seen before:


  • Leadership capacity that makes you more effective in your work


  • Clarity in the way you communicate, direct, and manage


  • Focus on strengths areas where you’re most effective and impactful


  • Emotional Intelligence that amplifies and improves your people skills


  • Confidence in your value and contribution in work, your community, and your personal life


  • Self-awareness that supports your personal growth

And when you’re able to spot the Deep Genius™ in yourself, you then can spot it in others


You uncover hidden assets in your teams, workplaces, and organizations where everyone’s contribution is a full expression of their greatest strengths.


What The Deep Genius™ Leadership Workshop Covers:


Treat your organization or team to a half-day or full-day leadership workshop that explores what Deep Genius™ is and how it can be a tool for a more productive, inclusive, energized workplace.


  • Explore The Deep 3, a trio of powerful questions that get to the core of who you are, what you’re great at, and why that’s important


  • Find aspects of your innate strengths, education, and even life experiences that uniquely define you and your areas of strength


  • Discover why so many people overlook their greatest gifts and how that’s harming our organizations, teams, and workplaces


  • Change the language you use to describe who you are and what you do so that it’s more reflective of your Deep Genius™ and all you bring to the table


  • Develop an action plan based on maximizing your Deep Genius™ so you can lead, create, and show up more powerfully


  • Sharpen your intuitive and observational skills by learning how to spot the Deep Genius™ in others (Full Day Workshop Only)


  • Ask bigger questions to apply your Deep Genius™ like “What am I here to create?” and “How can I be more impactful?” (Full Day Workshop only)


  • Incorporate your Deep Genius™ and the Deep Genius™ of your team to plan more effectively, set  bigger goals, and be in peak performance mindset (Full Day Workshop Only)


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