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How to Become A Sought-After Influencer and Command Top Prices… Without Resorting to Hype, Lies, or Internet BS

If you’re a consultant, coach, speaker or author then read on to discover the secrets to getting MORE from your social marketing–more sales, more speaking gigs, and more media spots… 

Nancy Marmolejo

Nancy Marmolejo, Founder of #DeepGenius

To my dear “real-deal” coaches who know their stuff, super smart consultants with loads of experience, inspiring speakers who change lives and authors with powerful messages:

The struggle is real…

You’re constantly trying to get more engagement online.

You know the old adage “content is king”, so you blog, vlog, podcast, livestream and repurpose content like there’s no tomorrow.

But is anyone seeing it?

Or is it just getting lost in the shuffle, a tiny drop of water in the sea of millions of other online content that gets uploaded every second of every day.

And your stuff is good. Really good. It’s worthy of getting seen and acted upon by the masses.

So here you are, you’ve paid your dues, but you’re not seeing results.

How much longer is this going to take?

How much more of your precious time and effort do you have to spend to stay visible and in front of your target market?

The fact is, your expertise is needed in the world, but with so much online noise, it’s easy to get hidden.

You might think the only way to be heard is to shout, embarking on a “see what sticks” strategy, spraying the Internet with Tweets, graphics, and posts galore, hoping someone, anyone, will notice.

In case you haven’t noticed, this strategy is a colossal time waster, and rarely brings the results you’re seeking.

You deserve better!

You deserve to walk a better path. It’s a path forward that embraces who you are and celebrates your special place in this world, while educating and inspiring those who are drawn into your sphere of influence.

Imagine if your business looked like this:

  • You have a stress-free, time saving online strategy that attracts ideal, high paying clients and dramatically increases sales
  • You’re a trusted influencer with something to say- you’ve fine-tuned your message and know exactly how to leverage it
  • Your personal brand highlights your unique genius… and people take notice, wanting to hire you before you even talk with themand no more tire kickers!
  • The media wants you- you’re a sought-after expert who can be called upon to share your high-value intel confidently and professionally
  • You draw in a loyal following of ideal clients: they LOVE your content, SEEK you out and are READY to hire you

I’m going to show you a way to build an online reputation that contributes to the GREATER GOOD, while bringing in more sales and opportunities. Yes, being a voice worth listening to… that’s a welcome relief in this day and age!

It’s time for you to be recognized as a thought leader, to be sought after, to attract more business… without lowering your standards.

Welcome To The Age of The Influencer

We’re all walking around with a hangover from The Information Age. People are overwhelmed with information, feeling unproductive and ineffective.

That’s why it’s so important to stand up as an Influencer.

The Oxford Dictionary defines Influence as

The capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behaviour of someone or something, or the effect itself.

Trusted Influencers are needed to cut down the noise and share information that educates, informs, persuades, motivates, and enlightens.

You probably already follow several influencers and rely on them to help you wrap your head around any number of topics. As an influencer you’re an expert, a curator, a filter, a guide.

And… it’s a brilliant marketing strategy that increases your worth, makes you sought after, and places you as a top expert in your field.

Being an Influencer is Like Being a Keynote Speaker Every Day of the Week… Without Ever Leaving Home

The person who gets the most attention at a conference is the keynote speaker. They get top billing, constant mentions, and are the face of the event.

Their message is heard by everyone there. In fact many people will attend a conference just to hear the keynote.

That’s what it’s like when you elevate your status as an Influencer. Your message is seen, heard, and acted upon and the audience comes to you.

Mastering The Art and Science of Influence

You can go out and buy 100,000 followers on any social media platform and look wildly popular… but that’s not what makes someone an Influencer.

There are definite proven steps to take that ensure your message is delivered where it needs to be. When you have that in place, it makes the process fast and effective.

That’s the science of it.

Then there’s the nuanced side of being an Influencer. This includes homing in on your unique Deep Genius™, life story, background, even your quirks. It’s about finding your voice and connecting with your followers.

That’s the art of it.

Here’s Where the Magic Happens…

Everything speeds up when we draw out your Deep Genius™ and infuse it into your online presence. Deep Genius™ is your unique combination of innate strengths, learned skills, and life experiences that tell your story, showcase your smarts, and define your voice. Match this with a proven strategy to get in front of the right people, and you’ve got MAGIC.

And that’s where I come in.

I’m have a proven track record of finding people’s unique value. In every career I’ve ever been in, from coaching to sales to training to education, spotting the genius in others has always been a special gift.

So when we get together I’ll take these bold steps:

  • Zero in on YOUR Deep Genius™ so you have a renewed appreciation of your innate talents
  • Show you step by step how to craft your message so people will sit up and take notice—no matter how crowded the marketplace.
  • Unearth strengths in you that you’ve been overlooking
  • Teach you how to harness those strengths to bring in more business and create a compelling stance as a thought leader.

And, as an avid social marketer and influencer since 2005, I know what works and what doesn’t. Fads come and go, social platforms come and go, but common sense never goes out of style.

What This Means For You:

I’ve created Deep Genius™ Influencer to privately mentor coaches, consultants, authors, and subject matter experts who want to increase sales by having an effective online presence.

Working one-on-one with me, we’ll cover everything from your personal brand to your message to your visibility strategy.

You’ll have your own customized plan that is designed to put you front and center in a way that works for you, your personality, your business goals, and your mission.

It’s everything you need to position yourself as an Influencer and bring in top-notch opportunities, high paying clients, speaking gigs, media spots, book deals and more.

  • Differentiation: Learn how to stand out in your industry and position yourself apart from the pack
  • Content Strategy: Simple ways to create consistent content that increases social engagement with the right audiences
  • Speaker Strategy: Craft your keynote speech and market it
  • PR Strategy: Position yourself as a media-savvy expert and get seen by larger audiences
  • Multi-Platform Social Media Strategy: Customized approaches for Linked In, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and more
  • Publishing Strategy: Where, how and why to publish online with easy ways to create great content
  • Visual Strategy: How to harness the power of images, art, and the senses to reach your ideal clients and draw in more loyal followers
  • Implementation Strategy: Learn the latest productivity hacks that will help you get systems into place that expand your reach, connect with others, and spread your message

Working With Me, You’ll Get:

  • Monthly one-on-one coaching for a year (12 months) to develop and implement your customized strategy
  • 2 Private 90 Minute Coaching Intensives
  • Genius Session: a 90 minute guided process that reveals your Deep Genius™ and how to best put it out in the world. ($1500 value)
  • Messaging Intensive: get to the core of your message and bring out multiple ways to communicate your expertise and wisdom ($1500 value)

Plus, the first 20 people to enroll also get:

  • Monthly webinars to teach you the latest skills, content and hot topics
  • Monthly Q&A sessions only for Influencer clients
  • Guest experts: learn from the sharpest people out there and discover what’s working to help you get the results you want
  • A Year’s worth of support, mentorship, and guidance to take your genius work into the world

Who Am I?

I’m Nancy Marmolejo. In 2003 I left my career and started a coaching business so I could have more time freedom and unlimited income.  Because I also had a small child, I had to find a way to get clients and make money without leaving home, so I turned to the internet. I noticed one of my friends was getting lots of business from MySpace (do you remember that?), so I set up a profile and began sharing my expertise and promoting my work. Suddenly I started getting clients from there!  Next, I moved to Facebook, Twitter, Linked In… and various sites that don’t even exist anymore. Each social platform opened the doors to more and more connections, prospects, web traffic, and media spots.

My followers converted into clients and helped build my list. I was asked to speak at events, go on TV, get interviewed in print and radio… I couldn’t believe how amazing this was! I was one of the first people to teach social media strategies and got thousands of people from around the globe excited to promote their expertise using social media.

Meanwhile, there’s my coaching work, which is truly my life’s calling. I help entrepreneurs and leaders zero in on their unique strengths, what I call your Deep Genius™. When you reveal your Deep Genius™ then put a hot social media strategy with it… well, you’re a force to be reckoned with. That’s why I created the Deep Genius™ Influencer so I can fill the internet with voices of wisdom and hope… and betting that doing that will help tip the scales in favor of more intelligence and smarts in the online world. One step at a time.


How do I know if Deep Genius™ Influencer is for me?

If you’re an established coach, consultant, author, or other subject matter expert who wants to expand your online presence and use it to bring in more opportunities, then this program is for you!


How much private coaching do I get?

Lots! Each month you’ll get a private coaching call with me, plus an additional 2 private 90-minute intensives (The Genius Session and The Messaging Intensive).

Plus, if you sign up as one of the first 20, you’ll also get access to 2 virtual retreats, monthly webinars and Q&A calls where you get laser coaching and top notch content. Those are a lot of touchpoints to ensure your success.


How long does the program last?

It’s a 12-month program so there’s ample time to implement what you learn, but don’t worry, you’re bound to see results throughout the 12 months if you take action!


Will it be overwhelming?

Not at all, it’s actually designed to save you time and hassle. You create overwhelm when you waste time with tactics that don’t work.


Do I have to pay all at once or can I break up the payments?

If you pay all at once I have some nice incentive bonus gifts, or you can break it up into easy monthly installments. Whichever is easier for you. The bottom line is that I don’t want cost to be a barrier for you.


Once I sign up, how soon do I get started?

Immediately! I’ll send you everything you need to get started so you can begin to get results.


Ready to go? Click here to get started!

What It’s Like To Work With Me:

“For many years, Nancy has been the person I go to for personal branding, messaging, and creative thinking around monetizing my work. Nancy is at the top of her industry and her generous spirit, honest coaching, and business smarts are icing on the cake. I highly recommend Nancy to successful entrepreneurs and professionals looking to capitalize on their personal brand.”

Meredith LiepeltPR Strategist

“Nancy is one of the best people I've ever met at creating a buzz around herself and getting noticed. But the best part is she "walks the walk" -- every time something new comes along that has the potential for bringing you more visibility, she tries it out herself before recommending it to her clients. That way, you always know her strategies have been tested before you start investing your valuable time and money into doing them. If you're looking for ways to get more publicity, find new clients, make more money and start building a massively successful business, then you should definitely hire Nancy. She'll turn you into a rockstar in no time.”

Michele Pariza Wacek, aka Michele PWFounder of Love Based Business

“When I started working with Nancy, I was already well known in my field,but wanted something new and different to take my public presence to a bigger level.

Amazingly, Nancy spotted an opportunity for me and the funny thing is it
was in front of me the whole time! Her creative mind connected dots I'd
overlooked and now I'm excited and energized about where my business is going.

In addition to pointing me toward this very lucrative market, she provided strategies and contacts for me so I could begin positioning myself as THE top resource in my field for my chosen audience. Her knowledge of the media, techniques, and positioning have helped me get started on my path to an even higher level of success

Elizabeth HagenProfessional Speaker, Author

“Sometimes we need to get perspective from others even if their work is similar to what we do! That’s why I trusted Nancy to help me see my message with fresh eyes. She takes a deep dive into a concept with you, helps you get results, and is willing to take the time to be sure everything rings true for you. I tried her unique models for messaging and got so much joy playing with them. Shortly after we worked together I launched a successful book and am so glad I had a variety of messaging strategies ”

Christine CliftonAuthor of "You Don't Have to Shout to Stand Out"

After working with Nancy, my message became so clear that I attracted one of the biggest producers of telesummits with over 30K subscribers. They invited me to be a guest expert and since my interview aired I've been getting at least 1-2 interview requests weekly.

Tomasa MacapinlacSelf-Care Queen

Working with Nancy takes a deep dive into the exact words needed to tee up the emotions and impact I needed for my business. In fact, by working with Nancy, NOT ONLY did my language get better, BUT ALSO my business itself. By clearly identifying the target of my work, we were able to define and hit the bullseye as I discuss my customer loyalty work with potential clients. I am THRILLED with the outcome of working with Nancy.

Ali CudbyYour Iconic Brand

“When Nancy worked with me to fine tune how I communicate my expertise, I was so happy with the results! It really feels like ME and comes straight from the heart. I’m able to stand out as who I am and sincerely reach the people who I love to help. I highly recommend Nancy’s steps so you can stand out in your field!”

Penelope Jane Smith

“As a result of Nancy’s programs, I truly OWN my expertise: I am confident, centered and strong like never before. I have let my real self come through and it feels terrific! I have completely repositioned and repackaged my expertise and brought it to a much higher level. I can now position myself clearly and convincingly. And it feels comfortable; because Nancy makes sure everything you do is authentic. Thanks to Nancy, I am now making money from things I do so naturally and so easily! ”

Arlene TaveroffOnline Communications Strategist