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It lights me up to teach highly driven entrepreneurs how to create a greater level of impact, legacy and contribution in their businesses and lives. I know I’m doing my life’s work when I see the ripple effect of their work in the world.

What’s heartbreaking is when I see how many of these talented, brilliant leaders undervalue and undersell themselves… because they can’t see ALL they bring to the table. It’s talent wasted. Genius lost.

So I’ve dedicated my work to bringing out the talent and genius in my clients: entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, executives, and daring thought leaders. Whether it’s working with an individual, a small group, or an entire organization, I firmly believe that the gifts inside each of us are valuable and can change the world.

The resources, coaching, and training I I’ve developed support that goal.

So does my podcast… ITENCO: Lessons For The Leading Edge. I hope you take a moment to subscribe to it in iTunes and become a regular listener!

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