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Loud & Clear is a proven program that teaches you how to get more clients with expertly crafted communication.

As you go step-by-step in the easy to follow format, you’ll instantly discover the missing link to

  • Marketing more effectively
  • Networking with real results
  • Creating compelling descriptions of your work on your website
  • Writing bios that attract clients and get them excited to work with you
  • Introducing yourself at events and mixers with confidence and authority
  • Having a winning mindset and owning your unique genius
  • Getting more referrals
  • Turning your social media profiles into client magnets
  • Inspiring your team
  • Retaining more clients
  • Raising your prices

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Loud & Clear Is a Robust, Power-Packed Training That Delivers Results… Right Away!

Here’s An Overview Of The Program:

Lesson 1: The Seinfeld Approach

jeffy-seinfeldComedian Jerry Seinfeld is a master of making people laugh. But did you know his comedy has a specific design to it that makes EVERYTHING he says funnier than if someone else said it?

You’ll learn The Seinfeld Approach as your fist lesson, giving you the ability to draw people in and get them to say YES to your message before they even know what you do. This technique has helped my clients in interviews, project proposals, in speeches, and even in sales conversations.


Lesson 2: The Love-Hate-Create Message

love-hate-create-imageThe Love-Hate-Create Message has been used around the globe as the ultimate replacement to the dreaded Elevator Speech. It’s also been repurposed into client attracting bios, About Me pages, Linked In profiles, and speeches! This way of describing what you do highlights your expertise, the passion you have for what you do, and how you’re part of the SOLUTION! You’ll be able to create your best ever Love-Hate-Create Message through Loud&Clear as I share inspiring examples from clients and provide extra coaching tips on the video guide to this lesson.

Lesson 3: The Loud & Clear Bio

the-loud-clear-bio-imageSometimes you need a good old fashioned, traditional bio for your marketing materials, website, or when someone is interviewing you. But you know what? Most bios are really dull! The format of the Loud&Clear Bio is specifically designed with MARKETING in mind. It will highlight your authority, credibility, and likeability in a short, user-friendly format. It’s easier than you think to be the most interesting person around!





Lesson 4: Teaching Others To Talk About Your Business

Young business woman writing expert conceptDo you know how much money is left on the table simply because your friends, colleagues, and clients don’t know how to powerfully describe what you do? What if you had a systematic method to bring in referrals as part of your ongoing marketing? With all you learn in Loud&Clear, I show you how to teach others to send business your way using compelling language about your amazing results. Downloadable email template included.


Bonus Materials: Ideas For Wordsmithing, Values Clarification, Find Your Passion and More

ideasIf you’re afraid you don’t have the vocabulary or flair to describe what you do, your worries are over. In the Bonus Materials section of Loud&Clear you’ll get creativity-sparking resources to bring out the perfect words to attract clients, plus exercises to help you nail what you’re passionate about. These are all key ingredients to your message being Loud&Clear.


Bonus: Mindset Tools

Attitude Is Everything Concept

Believe me, you will sound like a rock star once you complete Loud&Clear. But every now and then, a little voice in your head might try to derail you. You might not believe you’re really THAT awesome, or worse yet, stop believing in the power of what you do. For that reason, I have a special library of mindset resources to keep your mental attitude strong and your confidence level high.



When You Join Loud & Clear, You Also Get:

  • INSTANT ACCESS! As soon as you sign up, you’ll get a link to get started
  • Coaching tips sent to you with advice on how to get the most from your program and how to set yourself up for success
  • Downloadable Success Checklist to keep you focused and clear
  • Short, easy to follow video instructions — you don’t have to sit through 2 hours of rambling recordings to learn what you need for success!
  • Downloadable worksheets to guide you through each exercise
  • Video tutorials to help you get the biggest results in the shortest time
  • Client Examples of each strategy I teach so you can see how to apply these to your business
  • Ideas on how to leverage and repurpose everything you create in Loud & Clear
  • Special invitations to client-only offers, such as exclusive Q&A calls and discounts on coaching
  • Lifetime Access
  • Lifetime Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Upgrades: When I add more resources to Loud & Clear, you get them for free!


tina-headshot-2“The SIMPLICITY of this helped me zero in on connecting with my ideal clients in a way that’s natural, credible, and gets them excited to learn more (and I feel authentic in sharing it!)”

Tina Forsyth




lauri-smith“I love outlines! They’re incredibly helpful both for me and my clients. The outlines I got from Loud & Clear were simple and some of the most powerful tools I’ve used. Once you understand how to use these strategies, especially the Love-Hate-Create Message, you can fill it with anything you want! This is a great program.”

Lauri Smith



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I’m so confident in this program, I offer you my 100% Lifetime Guarantee.  If you try the exercises, follow my instructions and still don’t feel like you’ve gotten value from this, then I’ll refund you your money right out of my pocket. Guaranteed.

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