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The Spiritual Roots of Your Marketing Message

By July 20, 2015November 22nd, 2017Uncategorized

After a long hiatus from making videos, I’ve found my mojo again and am LOVING getting some new words of wisdom out to the world.

(Apparently my cat, Orange Kitty, is also loving the fact that I’m making videos as he’s chosen to saunter past me a few times during this Genius Moment.)

What keeps me going in business and life is having a solid spiritual foundation. With each passing year, I find myself drawing out the spiritual more and more in the most unlikely places. When I look at business, and especially the way we communicate about our businesses, I see endless points where spirituality makes contact. I’ve always felt those, but now is the time when my inner thoughts about this are ready to burst forth and become stronger in my own message.

Your message isn’t just a collage of words to make you sound good. Your message is the articulation of your God-given gifts. And if you’re not in touch with the spiritual part of you, you won’t know the sacredness of those gifts.

When I work with clients on finding their talent and genius, the spiritual foundation is the first step. I call it The Vortex. It’s where all the meaning , purpose and intention of your gifts originate from.

In this video, I give some more background on The Vortex and how you can tap into yours to get to the deep roots of your message. There is a challenge for you in this video- watch it. And please leave your comments, share it, like it… I’d love to hear your thoughts.


My most successful clients (like the ones adding an additional 6 figures to their income, speaking in front of tens of thousands of ideal clients, and standing out as thought leaders in their industries) put these practices to use.

If your business is in the 6+ figure level and you want that alignment with your genius so you can achieve the  next stage of success, contact me for a consultation. I’d love to find out how we can work together to bring your Vortex more into your message so you can change the world. 

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