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Personal Branding Tip: Control Your Narrative Or Someone Else Will

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“What the hell is a personal brand? Back in my day, we didn’t need personal brands!”, or so I hear my late father speaking to me from the great beyond. But guess what, Dad? You TOTALLY had one and you know it. Next thing, you’re going to tell me you had to walk 10 miles in the snow to find your personal brand. I’m not buying it!

OK, the seance is over and it’s time you and I talk about your personal branding and why it’s so important for your business or career. In this video, I share two very important points about this.

1- Like my dad, you have a personal brand whether you think you do or not.

2- You need to control the narrative around your personal branding. What do I mean by that? I mean if YOU don’t define yourself, then someone else will define you for you. And… they may not get it right. So do you want to be misrepresented in the world or do you want to have your genius shine through?

What do you think?

Leave me a comment below. And for more info on working directly with me to reveal your Deep Genius and Personal Brand, CLICK the link below.

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How to Be Succinct in 3 Steps

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Back in school, I remember getting the word “succinct” on my vocabulary list.

“Why do we need to learn THIS word?”, I groaned to the nuns. (Carmelite Sisters of Charity… I think they wore army boots and brandished weapons under their habits, but we’ll save that for another post.)

They couldn’t really answer beyond “Because we say you must learn it!” … right before I was sent to Mother Superior for some lecturing on talking back in class.

Fast forward from my insolent youth and into today:  I actually get asked questions using the word SUCCINCT several times a week.

When I ask someone “What’s the biggest challenge you have right now in your marketing?”, 9 times out of 10 someone will say “I can’t say what I do succinctly.” Or “I can’t be succinct in my marketing communication and it’s driving me crazy and costing me.” Same thing, different word forms.

Ah, so the real world does use the word succinct and it seems to be a hot topic!

People I work with come to me with wordy descriptions of what they do. They’re in utter pain because without a concise way to describe how they help others, they get passed over and can’t transform the lives and businesses they can help.

They also can’t communicate the value of their work, connect it to the needs of their clients, and thus increase their revenue.

The “talk about what you do” thing is the hinge on the door that opens up to more business. If you’re having trouble with that, then you’ll have trouble generating the interest you need to get more sales.

Being succinct is the name of the game but  it takes practice and retraining. It’s about distilling large pieces of information into bite sized nuggets people can mentally latch onto and associate with.

Here are 3 tips I give my clients to retrain them to be succinct. Put these into practice and your succinct message will be much easier to get to:
[/feature_box] [feature_box style=”22″ only_advanced=”There%20are%20no%20title%20options%20for%20the%20choosen%20style” alignment=”center”][step_graphics style=”5″ color=”#ee2530″ ][step  style=”5″ text=”1″ headline=”Practice%20the%20Rule%20of%203″]%3Cp%3EThis%20is%20a%20game%20you%20can%20start%20playing%20to%20be%20more%20succinct.%20Boil%20everything%20down%20to%203’s.%20For%20example%2C%20when%20I%20describe%20what%20coaching%20does%2C%20I%20say%20it%20involves%203%20key%20steps%3A%20%20%22Peel%2C%20reveal%2C%20and%20deal.%22%20When%20I%20teach%20clients%20how%20to%20create%20coaching%20packages%2C%20we%20focus%20on%20the%20Beginning%20(intake)%2C%20Middle%20(milestones%20and%20goals)%2C%20and%20End%20(evaluation%20and%20next%20steps).%203.%20Tres.%20Trois.%20San.%20Start%20boiling%20everything%20down%20to%203’s%20and%20you’ll%20start%20to%20see%20a%20shift%20in%20your%20succinctness.%20%3C%2Fp%3E%0A[/step][step style=”5″ text=”2″ headline=”Time%20Yourself”]%3Cp%3EFor%20those%20of%20us%20blessed%20with%20the%20gift%20of%20gab%2C%20this%20is%20a%20doozy.%20It%20pains%20me%20too%2C%20but%20we%20must%20practice%20this%20one!%20Time%20yourself%20to%20say%20whatever%20you%20have%20to%20say%20in%20the%20least%20amount%20of%20time%20possible.%20Imagine%20someone%20asks%20you%20how%20your%20day%20went.%20Try%20to%20summarize%20it%20in%2030%20seconds%20or%20less.%20I%20know%2C%20you%20want%20to%20tell%20about%20the%20shopping%20cart%20that%20rolled%20in%20front%20of%20you%20in%20the%20parking%20lot%20and%20the%20leaf%20that%20blew%20across%20the%20windshield%2C%20but%20for%20this%20exercise%20really%20squeeze%20your%20day%20into%2030%20seconds.%20You%20can%20go%20into%20detail%20later%20if%20someone%20wants%20to%20hear%20the%20whole%20story%2C%20but%20try%20to%20give%20the%2030%20second%20pitch.%20Think%20of%20how%20movie%20plots%20are%20distilled%20down%20to%20one%20sentence…%20can%20you%20do%20that%20too%3F%20%3C%2Fp%3E%0A[/step][step style=”5″ text=”3″ headline=”Get%20Hemingway’s%20Help”]%3Cp%3EErnest%20Hemingway%20was%20famous%20for%20writing%20short%20sentences.%20There’’ll%20get%20feedback%20on%20how%20to%20be%20more%20succinct.%20%3C%2Fp%3E%0A[/step][/step_graphics] [/feature_box] [feature_box style=”21″ only_advanced=”There%20are%20no%20title%20options%20for%20the%20choosen%20style” content_font_size=”16″ alignment=”center”]

Practice those 3 steps and you’ll find yourself getting to the gist of things much more quickly and easily. When you can dial in your message succinctly, people will get what you do, want what you offer, and hire you!


Next step? Connect with me for a consultation to learn how to apply these principles to your business.

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The Awkward Marketing Message: Go For It

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[feature_box style=”22″ only_advanced=”There%20are%20no%20title%20options%20for%20the%20choosen%20style” content_font_size=”16″ content_font_style=”normal” alignment=”center”] Is it ever OK to have an AWKWARD marketing message?

Well, if your awkwardness includes sweaty palms, a penchant to dress up as a Bay City Roller,  and the uncontrollable urge to curse people out, I’d say  take a breather before proceeding.

But… if your awkwardness is more about revealing who you really are, showing up authentically, and even slightly vulnerably… my advice is to GO FOR IT.

Case in point: a client of mine, let’s call her “Anna” (not her real name), has transitioned from an entirely word-of-mouth marketing model to one that requires her getting out there and calling forth her ideal clients.

She’s never had to market her services before- her clients basically did that for her with endless referrals. Things like “client attraction” and “marketing” have all been foreign to her.

She’s in a different situation now. She needs to market and marketing is unfamiliar and uncomfortable.

Anna has a program coming up that she wants to fill. She’s meeting her lack of experience with marketing head-on as she gets the word out and connects with prospective clients. One thing she wanted to do was to send an email to her past clients and connections but since she NEVER emailed them before about working together, it felt really AWKWARD.

“What do I say? Should I start with telling them what the program is, how much it costs, and all the details? What if they think I’m crazy? I’ve never had to do this. I feel so weird contacting them. What if I turn them off? What if they don’t get what I’m doing?”, and on and on.

Anna’s head was in spin.

As Anna’s anxiety about communicating to her contacts increased, I suddenly had an idea.

“Anna, what you’re saying about not knowing what to say and if you’ll turn them off… is beautiful. It’s also brilliant. And I think you need to say, in your email, exactly what you’re saying right now.”

“Really?”, sighed Anna. (I could literally hear her voice change and become more calm as she spoke).

“Really”, I replied.

Anna was advised to be vulnerable. To email people and start with “You know what? I NEVER send emails about my programs and so this is a little awkward for me. But I know that this is something you’d benefit from so I’m willing to risk being vulnerable and just come right out and share what is going on.”

If you’re feeling awkward, and you know people will see your marketing as out of character for you, then just bring it out into the open! I challenge you to trust-fall into this exercise.

Here are some guidelines- and remember to take a big breath before you hit send!


If you’re doing something out of character or completely new and it’s freaking you out, there’s a place to address this. Just say “This isn’t what I normally do, but this is important so I’m willing to risk looking silly if it means I can help someone.” Like Anna, it gives you a place to be honest and make an emotional imprint on others.


No need to take your story to the nth degree, otherwise it’ll sound whiny. “Well, I had a toothache and then it turned out I needed a root canal, and I had to go on antibiotics, then I had a reaction because I didn’t know I was allergic, and so I was out of it for like 5 months. It really sucked. Then my dog got sick and my car broke down. But hey, I have this program coming up that I think you need!”


Like the whiny warning, don’t use this attempt to milk people’s sympathy. “I’m broke and I can’t pay my taxes, can you please buy something?’ That’s not using authentic awkwardness to build trust… that’s just being manipulative.


You’re doing this from a good place in your heart. Stay connected to that feeling.


Somebody will misinterpret your actions. Somebody somewhere will tell you that you should NEVER show your vulnerable side. I suggest you not worry so much about that. You’re stepping into being your truthful, honest, lovably awkward self in business and there are people out there who will stick with you because of it.

Don’t worry about getting this “right” because there is no standard of right and wrong for this. Just trust that when you’re working from the heart, amazing things will happen!


I feel absolutely NO awkwardness, however, inviting you to a complimentary B&B (Brainstorm and Breakthrough) Session! Just answering the 4 questions on the application will shift you into a place of valuing the REAL YOU and the value you hold. If it feels like a fit, I’ll share with you how I help coaches, consultants, trainers, and speakers attract amazing clients with their amazing message. Come on… take the leap!

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More Naps, Less Work: 5 Benefits Of Being an Expert

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Orange Kitty knows how to chill

Take it from my nap-loving orange cat:  there are far more reasons to take a nap than to slave away working yourself to the bone.

Ah, but perhaps you were raised by HUMANS who over-emphasized the virtues of hard work. And you may say, “But I own a business- if I don’t work, who will?”

I’m not saying to abandon work and responsibilities, but chances are you’re working harder and not working smarter. One of the BEST ways you can leverage your time, effort, and energy is to smartly position yourself as an expert. When you do that, you become more visible, opportunities come to you, and you don’t have to toil so hard reaching out to people one by one.

Here are 5 reasons why you want to showcase your expertise and make it a big part of your marketing so you can work smarter and not harder:

1. Experts have the “wow” factor

Being a recognized expert raises your status. People see you as an authority and sometimes even as a celebrity in your field. That “wow” factor captures people’s attention so their eyes and ears are on you… and not on your competitors!

2. Experts get traffic

Your expertise can boil down to a searchable keyword or phrase. When you use that in your marketing, then web searchers find you when seeking a solution. You become top of mind and top of the search engines. Your lead generation magnifies and people find out about you without any effort on your part!

3. Experts get interviewed

Positioning your business around your expertise alerts the media that you’re an expert with something to say. Reporters, radio hosts, podcasters, TV shows, and cable shows are always looking for guest experts to speak on topics of interest.

 4. Experts get clients

Because of your increased visibility, people get to know, like, and trust you faster. As a result, they’re more open to hearing about how to work with you. Your credibility is already established and you don’t have to work as hard to prove yourself. Plus, your expert status makes you the obvious choice for clients looking to work with the best!

5. Experts leave a legacy

As an expert, you influence the world. Your advice, tips, and wisdom shape others who’ll go on to impact people in their lives. When you share your expertise, you’re not just shaping one life- you’re shaping many!

Action Step: 

What are you doing to get your expertise into the world? How are you using it to attract clients and opportunities?


Put these strategies to work in YOUR business:

Apply for a complimentary consultation with me to explore challenges, opportunities, and wild ideas in your business!

There is no pressure to buy from me or enter any of my programs, however if you appear to be a good candidate for my mentoring, then (and only then) will I share how we can work together. You can learn about my intensive mentoring, group programs, VIP Days, and more IF it’s a good fit. We’ll know that when we connect!

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How To Get People Talking Online

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A great way to position your genius is to spark memorable conversations online, particularly in social media. All you need is a HOT TOPIC!

Hot topics are ones that irresistibly invite others to chime in… it’s the type of conversation that sparks comments, shares, likes, and can also position you exactly where you want to be: as the conversation STARTER, the thought LEADER, the genius expert at the heart of it all. You can also embed your hot topic into an image.

Here are some examples of ways you can start a hot topic on your blog, in social media, online video, emails, or whatever mediums you choose. Don’t limit yourself and be creative!

1. Does this bug you too?

Let’s say you’ve experienced something over and over that’s completely put a burr in your saddle. Bad customer service. Arrogance. Cheap sales tactics. Bait and switch. By simply naming the problem (not naming the name, that’s going for nasty and we’re trying to use this as a tool to help your business, not mete out revenge on people who tick you off) you suddenly open the flood gates for other people to chime in. It’s a great way to lead a conversation towards a solution and find like minded people who you want to align with.

2. Elephant Under the Rug

Like the first example, The Elephant Under the Rug often exposes a problem that most people choose to step around. Find a way to bring it to the public eye in a way that gets people to open up, share, and come back to you.

3. Which One Should I Go With?

A very fast and easy way to spark a conversation is to present a choice you’re about to make to your followers and ask for their input. For example, let’s say you just had a session with a photographer and you need to decide which photo to use for a headshot. Put the images out on Facebook and have your followers give you their two cents. The final decision is ultimately up to you, but just think of the anticipation this will build up to as they wait for the big reveal on your site! Traffic!

4. Click LIKE If You Agree

Getting LIKES on Facebook, especially on your Fan Page, will bring more eyes your way. Find an image with an inspiring message and post it to Facebook. Then post it with the message “Click LIKE if you agree” and watch how people respond. You can also ask them to SHARE it if they agree (as an alternative.) This is great when you have an image to go along with it.

Make the decision today to be a conversation STARTER and a thought LEADER in your marketing. Use these strategies to turn heads toward YOU.

I’d love to know what Hot Topics you’re starting on your blog, social media, etc. Share your stuff in the comments below.

Grow Your Business With These 4 “Seeds”

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Waiting for instant results in your business? Tired of how long it takes to make a sale?

Before you throw your hands up in frustration, be sure you’ve got “seeds” planted in your business so it grows… even when you think things are standing still.

In this video, I share 4 “seeds” to plant in your business for long term and short term results. Some things take time- and they’re worth sticking with. Share this video with your business owner friends who might need a helpful reminder that even though you can’t always see massive growth, things ARE happening!

[VIDEO] Market Research Gold Mine

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This is one of my all-time favorite ninja tricks for market research!

Media outlets spend tens of thousands of dollars  (if not more) researching who their audience is so they can better attract advertisers. They compile their findings in handy dandy portfolios called a Media Kit.

I’ve used media kits over the years to help with a variety of marketing objectives. From content creation to pitching the media to finding the perfect words to use, it’s all here in the Media Kit.

There’s only one problem though… most magazines that create these kits make them VERY hard to find.

Fear not… I know where to find this gold mine of info and give you tips to use this valuable data to grow your business.

If you’re a business coach, life coach, or consultant and you are ready to activate more clients, more revenue, and more freedom in your business, contact me directly to find out how my services can help your business.

Apply for a complimentary Strategy Session to learn how we can work together

Strategy Session with Nancy Marmolejo

[VIDEO] The Profit Trifecta

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The Profit Trifecta: 3 Wins for a Successful Coaching or Consulting Business

My dad sure loved the horse races… and I guess I picked up a few words along the way that stuck in my head. One is “TRIFECTA”.

Purists have their own definition, but for this video I look at it as 3 wins you must achieve in order to have a fully alive, successful business… particularly if you’re a coach or consultant.

First you must have POSITIONING.
Expert positioning, where YOU stand out as an expert solution and your Talent and Genius (T.A.G.) shine.
You’re crystal clear about who you are, what results people get from working with you, and why you’re a unique solution for common problems.

Second, you need LEADS.
But not just any leads, not just “anyone with a pulse”. You need leads comprised of your IDEAL CLIENTS. People who’ll get you and your wacky self. People who’ll leap at the chance to work with you because you’re the obvious choice. And where do you get those leads? How do you find them?

Think of all the ways you get yourself out to the world: speaking, social media, videos (like this one!), blogging, etc etc etc.

Craft your lead generation so it speaks to “your people” and opens the door for them to move closer to you.


Killer Offers are what people buy from you- something they’ll invest in happily and with excitement. They can see, taste, feel, and smell the results and can’t wait to get started working with you.

Killer Offers can be high priced coaching packages or even low priced membership offers… the point is to have them, use them, and sell them!

After you watch this video, please download my free training Get Paid to Be You. Put all these tips together, and you’ll have the ingredients for a successful, profitable coaching business that makes you feel FULLY ALIVE!



P.S. I’d love your comments below!

[CASE STUDY] More Info Doesn’t Equal More Money

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Client Success Story: More Information Doesn’t Equal More Money or Sales

One of my clients is a trainer/ coach with a niche serving women athletes in a specific sport.

He’s great at what he does, well respected, and very accomplished as a coach.

But his offers weren’t selling and he became worried about the growth of his coaching business.

When he became a private client, we started off by looking at his unique blend of Talent and Genius and how that shows up in his marketing, selling, and overall business.

With a very down to earth style and big heart, “John” makes a lasting impression on clients once they start working together.

His challenge, though, was getting clients. 

Natural strengths sometimes work against us. John has a natural strength in explaining things and making sure all bases are covered when teaching someone. This is great if you’re teaching a class, but can be overwhelming in marketing. His sales letters had a LOT of information and over-explained all the features (instead of pumping up the benefits).

His one-to-one sales conversations involved him talking a lot and explaining every tiny detail of his programs, how to call him, number of calls… instead of connecting to his prospective’s clients big dreams and how his unique Talent and Genius could help them find a way out.

Within just a few coaching sessions and some ongoing tweaking, John’s approach took a sharp turn in a stronger direction.

We analyzed his marketing the same way he’d analyze his clients’ athletic skills. We spotted his weak points and made plans to strengthen them. What made it really effective was his positive attitude, ability to take feedback, and willingness to try something new.

Here are some of the highlights of John’s success:

  • He has a firm understanding of why he’s the obvious choice for his ideal clients. He’s able to highlight his T.A.G. to build the know, like, trust, and buy factor!
  • With clearer sales pages and less overkill on the features, his offers are selling!
  • He’s found his own comfortable way of engaging in the one-to-one sales conversation so he never feels like he’s forcing a prospect into something. His close rate has increased and he no longer dreads sales calls.
  • He’s added in higher level of engagements with his followers who now find more value in the content he creates and develop a deeper sense of loyalty to him and his message.
  • He’s building his list and connecting with others in his industry for win-win opportunities.
  • John is making more money, selling his services at higher prices, and continues to meet or exceed his goals!

John is a great success story to share because he took action and made things happen.

What’s interesting to note is that John hovered around my world for several months before hiring me. He’d show up for free calls and always ask questions. But it took him months to finally step forward and contact me about coaching.

He realized that going for piecemeal solutions wasn’t going to cut it. I’m happy to have him as a client and can’t wait to see what the next phase of his business brings!

Apply for a Strategy Session with me and come face to face with important decisions about your business. Click the button below to get started:



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Here’s a great way to talk about what you do and capture people’s attention:


It’s a simple 3 step message that conveys your passion, your place as a thought leader, and your solution. When you put the pieces together (there’s even an example for you), talking about your business will become a pleasure and not a chore.

Ready? Here we go:

Step 1: LOVE

What do you LOVE about what you do and the people you serve?
Start off by saying that. “I LOVE ____________”.

Step 2: HATE

What do you HATE (or what drives you crazy) either in your industry or how people are NOT being helped? What’s wrong that you’re willing to expose and talk about?
Say that next. “What I CAN’T STAND (hate) is how everyone is ________________”

Step 3: CREATE

What have you CREATED as a solution to this? How have you innovated?
Say that next. “So I CREATED _____________”.

Put it all together and you have a really cool way of talking about your business!


LOVE: I LOVE teaching consultants and coaches how to grow their businesses and stand out in the market.

HATE: What drives me CRAZY is when people go for copycat solutions that only make them blend in more. They end up feeling frustrated and convinced that their Talent and Genius aren’t worth anything!

CREATE: So I created T.A.G. The Intersection of Talent and Genius to teach them exactly how to pinpoint their unique Talent and Genius and use that to attract perfect clients and make more money than they ever imagined.

Action Items:

1. Try this out for yourself! Create your own Love-Hate-Create message.

2. Leave a comment below! Can you rock this strategy?

3. And if you’re ready to join the ranks of Talent and Genius superstars who attract ideal clients and more business, apply for a Talent And Genius Strategy Session!