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Swipe File: Ask Questions to Discover Your T.A.G.

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I’ve got a great resource to add to your Swipe File!

So many people come to me with blank looks on their faces when we address their unique genius.

“Well, I know there are things I love and things I do well, but I’m not really sure how important those are.”

Well, bibbidy-bobbidy-boo, let’s take care of that situation with a copy-and-tweak letter you can send to friends, colleagues, and anyone who can share qualified feedback with you. The goal is for them to reflect back to you what they see as your strengths.

As a sidenote, let me share a few things first:

1. You have Talent and Genius. It’s just easier to see everyone else’s before you see your own.

2. Things that come easily and effortlessly to you are usually NOT valued by you. They’re valued by everyone else and the whole world will tell you how incredible these are, but that little voice in you that messes with your mind will continue to spew out “Yeah, right.”

3. Get feedback from qualified people. As I often say to people who ask the wrong question to the wrong person, “Don’t go to the hardware store looking for a loaf of bread.”

4. I call this a “copy- and-tweak” letter. Change the wording up a bit so it sounds like you. Add in any other things you’d like to include.

5. Have fun- and use these answers to spark a new range of ideas to describe what you do!

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Your Swipe File: Sample Email to Send


Dear <friend’s name>,

I’ve been asked to complete an exercise that requires other people’s perspective of me. Because I trust you and you know me, I’ve chosen you.

Please answer these questions and send them back to me- your first thoughts are the best thoughts!

1- If you could describe me in 3 adjectives, what would those be?

2- What do you think I’m GREAT at doing?

3- In what situations do you think I operate at my best?

4- What do you see as something that sets me apart from others?

5- Anything else?

Thank you for your help with this!


<Your Name>


Give those a try and let me know how they go! Or better yet, apply for a T.A.G. B&B Session and we can discuss how these can support the growth of your business!

I See Your Genius! Let’s get it out there![/feature_box_creator]

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