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Personal Branding Tip- How Much Personal Info Is Too Much?

By Personal Branding

“What’s your biggest question around personal branding?”  is a question I posed to Facebook, Linked In and my email list. The responses were great and freakishly similar! Here’s a question that kept popping up:

“How much personal information should I share in my personal branding? How much is too much/not enough?”

Here’s a short video answering that question. This is the first in a series of personal branding videos, so stay tuned for more! Share, like, comment… it’s how I know you’re getting this and utilizing the tips!

Uncover your Deep Genius and infuse it into your Personal Brand. Contact me about coaching, speaking and training.

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The Awkward Marketing Message: Go For It

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[feature_box style=”22″ only_advanced=”There%20are%20no%20title%20options%20for%20the%20choosen%20style” content_font_size=”16″ content_font_style=”normal” alignment=”center”] Is it ever OK to have an AWKWARD marketing message?

Well, if your awkwardness includes sweaty palms, a penchant to dress up as a Bay City Roller,  and the uncontrollable urge to curse people out, I’d say  take a breather before proceeding.

But… if your awkwardness is more about revealing who you really are, showing up authentically, and even slightly vulnerably… my advice is to GO FOR IT.

Case in point: a client of mine, let’s call her “Anna” (not her real name), has transitioned from an entirely word-of-mouth marketing model to one that requires her getting out there and calling forth her ideal clients.

She’s never had to market her services before- her clients basically did that for her with endless referrals. Things like “client attraction” and “marketing” have all been foreign to her.

She’s in a different situation now. She needs to market and marketing is unfamiliar and uncomfortable.

Anna has a program coming up that she wants to fill. She’s meeting her lack of experience with marketing head-on as she gets the word out and connects with prospective clients. One thing she wanted to do was to send an email to her past clients and connections but since she NEVER emailed them before about working together, it felt really AWKWARD.

“What do I say? Should I start with telling them what the program is, how much it costs, and all the details? What if they think I’m crazy? I’ve never had to do this. I feel so weird contacting them. What if I turn them off? What if they don’t get what I’m doing?”, and on and on.

Anna’s head was in spin.

As Anna’s anxiety about communicating to her contacts increased, I suddenly had an idea.

“Anna, what you’re saying about not knowing what to say and if you’ll turn them off… is beautiful. It’s also brilliant. And I think you need to say, in your email, exactly what you’re saying right now.”

“Really?”, sighed Anna. (I could literally hear her voice change and become more calm as she spoke).

“Really”, I replied.

Anna was advised to be vulnerable. To email people and start with “You know what? I NEVER send emails about my programs and so this is a little awkward for me. But I know that this is something you’d benefit from so I’m willing to risk being vulnerable and just come right out and share what is going on.”

If you’re feeling awkward, and you know people will see your marketing as out of character for you, then just bring it out into the open! I challenge you to trust-fall into this exercise.

Here are some guidelines- and remember to take a big breath before you hit send!


If you’re doing something out of character or completely new and it’s freaking you out, there’s a place to address this. Just say “This isn’t what I normally do, but this is important so I’m willing to risk looking silly if it means I can help someone.” Like Anna, it gives you a place to be honest and make an emotional imprint on others.


No need to take your story to the nth degree, otherwise it’ll sound whiny. “Well, I had a toothache and then it turned out I needed a root canal, and I had to go on antibiotics, then I had a reaction because I didn’t know I was allergic, and so I was out of it for like 5 months. It really sucked. Then my dog got sick and my car broke down. But hey, I have this program coming up that I think you need!”


Like the whiny warning, don’t use this attempt to milk people’s sympathy. “I’m broke and I can’t pay my taxes, can you please buy something?’ That’s not using authentic awkwardness to build trust… that’s just being manipulative.


You’re doing this from a good place in your heart. Stay connected to that feeling.


Somebody will misinterpret your actions. Somebody somewhere will tell you that you should NEVER show your vulnerable side. I suggest you not worry so much about that. You’re stepping into being your truthful, honest, lovably awkward self in business and there are people out there who will stick with you because of it.

Don’t worry about getting this “right” because there is no standard of right and wrong for this. Just trust that when you’re working from the heart, amazing things will happen!


I feel absolutely NO awkwardness, however, inviting you to a complimentary B&B (Brainstorm and Breakthrough) Session! Just answering the 4 questions on the application will shift you into a place of valuing the REAL YOU and the value you hold. If it feels like a fit, I’ll share with you how I help coaches, consultants, trainers, and speakers attract amazing clients with their amazing message. Come on… take the leap!

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Book Marketing Challenge 2014

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Authors and aspiring authors, listen up!

A lot of business owners think that writing a book will change their world, fill their bank accounts, and create a nonstop flow of clients.

Actually, that’s not true.

The opportunities flow when you do 2 important things:

  1. Promote and market your book with a killer online marketing strategy
  2. Promote and market YOU as an author with an equally strong strategy

It hurts when you find out how many authors run out of gas after their books publish. Whether it’s an unsold Kindle book gathering digital dust, or cases of books cluttering your garage, the book marketing plan is where you need to put your energy.

Enter my friend D’vorah Lansky, the best book marketing expert around.

Each year for the past six years she’s pulled together an amazing group of
book marketing experts, who are eager to share their knowledge and expertise with you.

This year over 40 authors, publishers, and book marketing experts (including myself)
will be sharing their wisdom as part of the 30-Day Book Marketing Challenge!

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The Book Marketing Challenge will provide you with hands-on, interactive training, on a wide variety of
online book marketing strategies. You’ll also have opportunities to develop wonderful
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During the Book Marketing Challenge, you’ll have access to workshops, expert interviews, articles,
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Join us for this hands-on, interactive program and:

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  • Discover ways to create multiple income streams with your book
  • Access specific book marketing strategies that deliver results
  • Find out the most powerful ways to reach more readers, globally

Join us for the Book Marketing Challenge: Expand Your Reach, Your Connections, and Your Book Sales!
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Entrepreneur Unleashed Interview

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Patti Keating captured my enthusiasm for all things GENIUS during this great interview we did for her podcast, The Entrepreneur Unleashed.

Patti and I have Facebook messages dating back to the Stone Age, but it wasn’t until this past year that we really got to know one another on a more personal level. I love her!

We’ve shared business ideas, motivated one another, sang Karaoke with a couple of hunky Aussies, gotten our backs walked on by masseurs who spoke no English… so in other words I’ve vetted her for you: She’s one of us!

Click here to listen to the interview she conducted- it’s honest, inspiring, raw, funny and will remind you that YOU are a genius. Just like that!



[VIDEO] 3 Letters With Huge Impact

By Build Your Business

What happens when you take 3 simple letters and apply them to your business?

Ka-pow!! That’s what happens.

If you’re a coach, consultant, trainer, speaker, or other knowledge based expert then this will give you an immediate solution to help you stand out from the others in your field.

Over the years, I’ve helped THOUSANDS of business owners skyrocket their visibility. But a higher tier of clients emerged who took an even bigger leap… and these 3 letters spell the secret to their success. I want you to have that kind of success for your business, too.

Watch this video, like it, share it, and let me know what you think!