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No List and No Clients

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Most of the tips I share here make a simple assumption: you’ve got a business with clients but you want  more. I mentor coaches ready to make that leap by offering coaching groups, higher end services, and positioning themselves online as experts.

But what about the new coaches? What about the people who don’t have lists or are just starting out online?

By popular demand, I’ve assembled 4 super easy tips to get you clients. You don’t need to learn any software or spend money. These are things I used to build my business 10 years ago and if I had to start all over again, I’d do the exact same thing. From here you can move people onto your list then move up to do more online marketing.

We all need a square one… here you go!

1. Public Speaking

When I first started out, I joined a few networking groups then quickly offered myself as a speaker. This was a great way to get both clients and MORE speaking invites! You can also do “brown bag” talks at local companies, offer community workshops, church seminars, and start building your business locally.

2. Join Groups

Both online and offline, when you’re part of a group you can show off your expertise by offering sharp insights and valuable wisdom. Join groups where your ideal client is hanging out. That’s the secret: if you join groups filled with other coaches, you’ll just spin your wheels!

3. Reach Out Old School Style

Compose a letter that describes your services and send it out to family and friends. Let people know what you’re doing, that you’re accepting clients, and if they’d please share this with people they know who’d benefit from this. It’s an old school approach but it’s tried and true!

4. Talk About Your Business So People Get Excited to Hear More

When people hear you explain your business, do they get excited and want to hear more? Or do they walk away? Fine tune the way you describe what you do and you’ll instantly improve your odds of getting the sale!

Put those 4 pieces in place and you’ll have everything you need to get more clients. From there you can build a bigger online presence via your website, Facebook page, etc. But for starters, keep it simple. Reach out. Make the ask.

You can do this!