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10 Tips To Keep Clients

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Guess what?

Getting clients isn’t all about finding new people day after day to fill your programs. So many people think that doing business involves a never-ending chase for the new prospect. In addition to keeping your business open to welcome new clients, don’t forget about your existing clients and how you can continue to work together.

With a balanced approach, you can still get your name out there so new clients find you, yet  retain the clients you currently have.

I’ve been asked this question a lot so I created a list of 10 ways you can retain clients so they can continue their transformations, and you can continue getting paid.

You’ll notice that the first half of these tips involve client care and personal interactions. I list these because you need to have an ongoing culture of client appreciation and celebration. If someone feels valued by you, they’re less likely to go elsewhere for help.

I’ve also included a few tactical efforts- specific things you can do in your business RIGHT NOW to create new revenue streams.


1. Put client care first: treat your clients like gold from the start

This should be a given. Be good to your clients and they’ll be good to you!

2. Track progress together

It’s important to keep track of clients’ progress together. Keep records of where people were when they started with you, and where they are now. Review progress as a regular part of your interactions so your clients see all the big changes happening for them.

3. Celebrate results!

Celebrate your clients as often as possible. Whether it’s a shout out on Facebook , a quick email, or acknowledgment on a phone call, make it a regular practice to celebrate results.

4. Remember special occasions

A simple card, flowers, or a thoughtful birthday gift can mean the world to your client. It’s that extra touch that people remember and appreciate.

5. Offer entry to a higher level program (Upsell)

Design your programs so people have the opportunity to continue with you on a higher, more intense level if that’s the right fit. If someone takes a 4 week class with you, then invite them to a 90 Day Inner Circle, a live retreat, or another way to take the deeper dive.

6. Offer to repeat

Someone might want to take your program again- don’t deny the chance for repeat business if you can create this!

7. Offer entry to a continuity program

A continuity program is anything that gives clients the chance to stay on working with you for either an ongoing monthly charge or for a specified price/duration. Continuity programs operate like memberships- clients get access to materials, resources, coaching, etc as long as they’re members.

8. Give a special Alumni Offer

Value your clients by giving them special Alumni Offers. You can give them a special price to show how much you appreciate their ongoing business.

9. Offer “Client Only” Perks They Can’t Resist

Make being your client the coolest thing on the planet! Find things to share that ONLY your clients get access to. It turns your clients into VIP Rock Stars!

10. Always Let Your Clients Know You Value and Cherish Them!

Much of client retention has to do with how a person feels while they’re your client. Letting your clients know they’re special and valued keeps them in your world. Make it your top priority to create a world your clients LOVE to be in!

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