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Personal Branding Tip: Control Your Narrative Or Someone Else Will

By Personal Branding

“What the hell is a personal brand? Back in my day, we didn’t need personal brands!”, or so I hear my late father speaking to me from the great beyond. But guess what, Dad? You TOTALLY had one and you know it. Next thing, you’re going to tell me you had to walk 10 miles in the snow to find your personal brand. I’m not buying it!

OK, the seance is over and it’s time you and I talk about your personal branding and why it’s so important for your business or career. In this video, I share two very important points about this.

1- Like my dad, you have a personal brand whether you think you do or not.

2- You need to control the narrative around your personal branding. What do I mean by that? I mean if YOU don’t define yourself, then someone else will define you for you. And… they may not get it right. So do you want to be misrepresented in the world or do you want to have your genius shine through?

What do you think?

Leave me a comment below. And for more info on working directly with me to reveal your Deep Genius and Personal Brand, CLICK the link below.

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Personal Branding Tip- How Much Personal Info Is Too Much?

By Personal Branding

“What’s your biggest question around personal branding?”  is a question I posed to Facebook, Linked In and my email list. The responses were great and freakishly similar! Here’s a question that kept popping up:

“How much personal information should I share in my personal branding? How much is too much/not enough?”

Here’s a short video answering that question. This is the first in a series of personal branding videos, so stay tuned for more! Share, like, comment… it’s how I know you’re getting this and utilizing the tips!

Uncover your Deep Genius and infuse it into your Personal Brand. Contact me about coaching, speaking and training.

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Are You Successful But Unhappy?

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Yesterday I was talking to a colleague about people who are successful but not enjoying their success. For everyone out there who is hustling to make the money, believe it or not, it doesn’t always lead to happiness. Yeah, nod your head and say “Amen, sister, that’s right!”, but take a moment to feel into this.

**Successful and not enjoying the success.**

Do you know what happens when everything externally says you should have it all together, but inside you’re not?

It stinks. You feel off purpose and empty. But because the money is coming in and all looks peachy-keen on the outside, you can easily stay there and hide. You’re standing there with golden handcuffs on, not sure what to do.

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Last year, I dismantled a high level coaching program that was a 6 figure revenue stream for my business. But… it was my version of the golden handcuffs. I loved my clients, they got results, but there was something missing from it and I knew it had to end. I could have continued re-enrolling people and bringing in new clients, but until I got my head around my own purpose for what I wanted this group to be, I just couldn’t run it anymore.

Yes, it was scary to dismantle this.
Yes, when I told people what I did they looked at me like I was half-baked.

I told myself the answer would reveal itself to me when it was ready… when I WAS READY.

At times I felt a bit panicked and impatient… “Ummm, hello God? It’s been a few months now, I kinda thought we’d have resolution in a few days… I’m getting a little worried!”

The time is NOW. Things are READY.

My Golden Handcuffs are off. I have the clear vision of my intensive work with leaders and impact entrepreneurs. The habits and behaviors I had that attracted in non-ideal clients have been replaced with habits and behaviors to bring in my ideal clients- the visionaries, the change agents, the leaders feeling the need to know who they really are and what’s their unique genius…

OK let’s just let this sink in… golden handcuffs… feeling trapped… breaking free. Can you relate? What comfort is holding you prisoner?

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Want to be in on this exciting new program? If you’re a successful entrepreneur but feel like your identity has gotten lost along the road to success, contact me to set up a conversation to explore if this is for you. 

Deep Dive Into the Deep Genius

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[feature_box style=”22″ only_advanced=”There%20are%20no%20title%20options%20for%20the%20choosen%20style” content_font_size=”16″ alignment=”center”]The other day I found myself doodling about the levels and layers of the work I do with clients. I took a picture of it and posted on Facebook… which opened the doors to a great discussion I decided to carry over to the TAG blog.

Your Deep Genius is the core of your strengths, passion, drive, and mission. It’s more than a personality test or a simple assessment. Inside the Deep Genius is what I call “the chip God planted in you with the perfect way to be perfectly you”.

It’s very easy to skip over the Deep Genius… society, culture, peers, institutions, and other people’s opinions cloud the skies when it comes to seeing the expansiveness of our potential and strengths. You may be great at A and love A, but you’re advised to go with B because “it’s what will sell.”

Case in point: a frustrated life coach who becomes a business coach because “that’s what will sell”. Meanwhile she’s miserable and feeling like a fraud because she doesn’t want to be a business coach, she wants to hold an entirely different kind of space. Do you think that person is going to have the kind of success she wants doing work from a place of “should” versus a place of “want to”?

So look at this image and follow the path, starting at the bottom:

Deep Genius doodle

Your Deep Genius sits deeply inside of you. It’s the innermost core of your greatness.

From there you move up to “Sub-branding”. This digs into another level of values and strengths.

Next, you go to Personal Branding. This is how you authentically present yourself to the world.

Finally, you go to the Branding (such as messaging, image, logo, communication, etc).

Raise your hand if you’ve ever done this process in reverse and gotten frustrated and fed up. 

Yep, thought so.

Too many people start with a BRAND and treat it like it’s just a quicky little decision. It’s not… in fact, before you go to create a brand, get clear on the 3 factors that feed into the brand. It will save you money, time, and frustration.

You may want to know what your Deep Genius is. I seriously suggest you work with someone to discover it. Trying to find it on your own is like trying to look at the tip of your own nose. If not me (apply here for a consultation), then someone who will take you through a powerful, proven process to dive right into the core of your genius.

Don’t gloss over your Deep Genius. It’s a powerful source of authentic direction you’ve been craving and is the missing piece for many entrepreneurs.

Feel free to connect with me to learn about finding your Deep Genius by clicking the “Strategy Call” button below.

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Lame Website and the Stupid Lady Who Launched It

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After working for what seemed like FOREVER on developing the new Talent and Genius brand, launch day finally arrived.

But rather than jump up and down with excitement, I went into sheer panic!

The night before I woke up in a cold sweat. My mental chatter was at an all time high.

Talent and Genius? Who the heck is going to understand THAT? Why didn’t I just  brand around my name? Oh I know because my last name is UNPRONOUNCEABLE to anyone with less than 3 years of Spanish under their belt. Why didn’t I marry someone with a 1 syllable last name? That bastard and his 4 freakin’ syllable last name. Oh jeez, my kid is never going to make it through life with a last name like that. Oh crap. Maybe I can reinvent myself as my first name only like Cher. I wonder if I can whip up a new website like that and just pull the plug on this one. Oh dear God this is career suicide! Why did I ever want to rebrand in the first place? Why does CRAP keep happening to me? NOBODY IS GOING TO GET IT. WHO GIVES A CRAP ABOUT TALENT AND GENIUS? NOBODY WILL LIKE THIS. NOBODY WILL EVER BUY FROM ME EVER AGAIN AND I’M JUST PLAIN SCREWED!”

I looked beat the next morning. Tired, worried, fatigued… and through the night the site published.  “I’m toast. I’m going to have to get a J-O-B. I’m ruined” Wail, moan, wail, moan.

Let me assure you, I’m not normally such a wimp. I’m pretty resilient and have a high tolerance for risk. But this event triggered a super vulnerable spot in me. That crazy little whiner that hides out and sacks me when I’m at my weakest came out and sucker punched me.

I was suddenly AFRAID OF FAILURE.

And I was afraid that the exhilarating jaunt into rebranding  was nothing more than a self-obsessed foray into failure.

And it’s not like I was doing this in a dark closet, I’d been talking about my rebrand for MONTHS. OK, YEARS. So my pending humiliation was going to be PUBLIC. I could practically hear the laughter of the online masses ringing in my ears, parodies of my lame new brand going viral with titles like “Lame website and stupid lady who launched it”.

Sigh. Exhale.

==> I’m sharing this with you because there’s a slight chance you freak out like a fraidy cat when you’re about to take a big leap. <==

Maybe you’re going to speak on stage for the first time or you’re about to be interviewed for a telesummit. Maybe you’ve just launched your blog and you’re frantic that people won’t like what you’ve written. Maybe you’ve rebranded. Or maybe you’re so far ahead of the pack you actually think you’re alone and behind the pack.

Whatever it is, it’s normal to get scared when you’re taking a big leap. In fact, some would argue that the more scared you feel, the bigger the payoff when you do take the leap.

I had to go deeply into my spiritual center and find strength to keep moving forward. I had to accept that even if I did fail, it was for some greater purpose. (Yes, I’m one of those “everything has a reason” people).

Back to my launch day. My knees knocking, I obsessively checked my email and Facebook to see reactions. 

And little by little the comments came trickling in.

“I love this- it’s like you’re speaking directly to me!

“Finally, somebody who understands what I’ve been struggling with!”

“I love this, it’s amazing and kudos to you!”

Plus many more like that. And not just air kissing congrats from the biz girlfriends, but people who’ve been hiding in the shadows waiting for someone to say what I was saying. Future clients booked consultations with me and soon my calendar filled up with new clients.

So let’s recap the story:

1. I decided to take a big leap into something new and powerful.

2. I got scared sh**less when it was time to push the button. I went into lizard brain freakout mode. I was ready to quit.

3. I escaped to a place where I could regroup and find strength

4. I woke up to find my fears were all illusions and had no basis in reality.

5. I survived and found amazing gifts in the new awareness

The Moral of the Story:

If you’re about to take a big leap, say your prayers and jump. 

I can’t guarantee you won’t crack your skull. I can’t promise you riches, fame, and personal fulfillment. But I do know you won’t create change by standing still and staying where you are.

My message to you: TAKE THE LEAP!

And please share your comments below… especially if you can relate to this.