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Spotting Your Talent

By June 19, 2013November 22nd, 2017Business Motivation

My daughter went for a walk with her uncle and his family along the shores of San Francisco Bay.

Like any kid would do, she picked up rocks and threw them into the water, sometimes to skip them, at other times to see how far they would go.

Her uncle noticed she had a pretty good arm. And being a coach to his daughter’s softball team, he became curious.

“Who taught you to throw like that?” he asked.

“Throw like what?”, she replied.

“Like THAT!”, pointing to the ripples far away in the distance.

“I dunno”, she shrugged and ran off to rescue a piece of driftwood from between two larger stones.

In a moment of childlike playfulness, my daughter did what all kids do when faced with calm waters and a rocky shore: she picked up a stone and threw it into the water.

And in a moment of keen observation, her uncle saw raw talent with immense potential.

She had no idea she possessed the skill.

Chances are, though, you may have trouble spotting your strengths and talents when you look at yourself. I hear this a lot from clients, especially the ones who are multi-talented.

You’re too close to see the forest from the trees. When you can’t articulate what you’re great at, then what are you really offering in the marketplace? Vagueness doesn’t sell. Neither does confusion as in “Today I’m a life coach! Tomorrow I’m a marketing expert! Next week I’m a social media trainer!”

Not having a handle on this is costing you in clients, new opportunities, and revenue. It’s that simple.

So what are you GREAT at that you’re not claiming?

Every moment spent NOT claiming your greatness and bringing it into your business, is money lost.



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