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Self-Care In The Time of Coronavirus: 8 Tips To Help You Stay Healthy and Sane

By March 18, 2020February 2nd, 2021Leadership, Uncategorized
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We all need stress relief during the Coronavirus pandemic, and it’s not found by watching 24/7 news. All of my coaching clients hear my spiel on self care and stress relief when we’re working together. In the spirit of sharing, I’m bringing these tips to you so you can handle these surreal times with ease and grace.
These tips are in addition to the common sense guidelines you’ve already heard such as washing your hands, not touching your face, keeping social distance and staying in as much as possible. 

Tame Your Brain

When your brain goes into panic mode, you’re unable to think clearly. The blood supply to the part of your brain that thinks rationally and creatively gets cut off because it’s all diverted to the fight or flight response. These tools and practices will help you get out of that state of mind and back into your clear thinking self
Note: If you’re clinically depressed or have any diagnosis of brain chemistry imbalance, bipolar or trauma, etc contact your provider. Use these as additions to your existing therapies.

Tools I Recommend

-1-Binaural Audio 

There are several apps available that play binaural beats. These are musical sounds that move your brainwaves to a calmed state and can be used while working, resting, meditating or sleeping. Brainwave App is my favorite. You can find these on Spotify and YouTube also.


Find “Tapping Solution” on YouTube and follow along. You might feel silly at first tapping your face while making statements aloud, but it works to reset your brain’s ability to calm.

-3-Insight Timer 

This is both a website and an app. You can get calming music, sound baths, guided meditations and audio courses. I splurged $60 for the annual subscription so I could access audio courses. I highly recommend it.

-4-Avoid sugar 

Comfort food. Cookies. Sweets. I know… they create a brief feeling of comfort. But sugar can actually weaken your immune system. You need to be strong. Sugar crashes can also exacerbate a negative emotional state. Natural, zero sugar alternatives include stevia, xylitol, monkfruit. Don’t use artificial zero calorie sweeteners like Splenda and Nutrasweet. Look online for Keto dessert recipes and satisfy your sweet tooth in a  new way.

-5-Eat your greens 

Farmers markets will still operate in many areas. Produce stands are open. Why people are rushing out to stock up on frozen pizza is anyone’s guess. Make a big pot of Portugués green soup. Eat salad. Cook up some spinach. Really…

-6-Vitamin C

Stress zaps your body of many nutrients. Boost your vitamin C so you help your body’s immune response.


You can still take walks or runs, just observe social distancing. Download the Peloton app for 90 days of free workouts or go on YouTube for yoga, HIIT, stretching… it’s all there!

-8-Sexy Time 

Prudes, it’s time to loosen up.
Indulge in pleasure whether it’s you taking care of business or you with your partner. Orgasm is a stress reliever. If you’re touch oriented and suddenly are isolated, give yourself permission to caress, touch  and hug yourself. It boosts all those feel good chemicals in your brain and reminds you that you are the owner and operator of your body.
This is just a partial list of all the things out there, but as long as you’re consciously taking time for self-care each day, you’re going to be doing good for your health, your community and the planet.

Be well, beloveds.

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