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Lame Website and the Stupid Lady Who Launched It

By August 23, 2013November 22nd, 2017Business Motivation

After working for what seemed like FOREVER on developing the new Talent and Genius brand, launch day finally arrived.

But rather than jump up and down with excitement, I went into sheer panic!

The night before I woke up in a cold sweat. My mental chatter was at an all time high.

Talent and Genius? Who the heck is going to understand THAT? Why didn’t I just  brand around my name? Oh I know because my last name is UNPRONOUNCEABLE to anyone with less than 3 years of Spanish under their belt. Why didn’t I marry someone with a 1 syllable last name? That bastard and his 4 freakin’ syllable last name. Oh jeez, my kid is never going to make it through life with a last name like that. Oh crap. Maybe I can reinvent myself as my first name only like Cher. I wonder if I can whip up a new website like that and just pull the plug on this one. Oh dear God this is career suicide! Why did I ever want to rebrand in the first place? Why does CRAP keep happening to me? NOBODY IS GOING TO GET IT. WHO GIVES A CRAP ABOUT TALENT AND GENIUS? NOBODY WILL LIKE THIS. NOBODY WILL EVER BUY FROM ME EVER AGAIN AND I’M JUST PLAIN SCREWED!”

I looked beat the next morning. Tired, worried, fatigued… and through the night the site published.  “I’m toast. I’m going to have to get a J-O-B. I’m ruined” Wail, moan, wail, moan.

Let me assure you, I’m not normally such a wimp. I’m pretty resilient and have a high tolerance for risk. But this event triggered a super vulnerable spot in me. That crazy little whiner that hides out and sacks me when I’m at my weakest came out and sucker punched me.

I was suddenly AFRAID OF FAILURE.

And I was afraid that the exhilarating jaunt into rebranding  was nothing more than a self-obsessed foray into failure.

And it’s not like I was doing this in a dark closet, I’d been talking about my rebrand for MONTHS. OK, YEARS. So my pending humiliation was going to be PUBLIC. I could practically hear the laughter of the online masses ringing in my ears, parodies of my lame new brand going viral with titles like “Lame website and stupid lady who launched it”.

Sigh. Exhale.

==> I’m sharing this with you because there’s a slight chance you freak out like a fraidy cat when you’re about to take a big leap. <==

Maybe you’re going to speak on stage for the first time or you’re about to be interviewed for a telesummit. Maybe you’ve just launched your blog and you’re frantic that people won’t like what you’ve written. Maybe you’ve rebranded. Or maybe you’re so far ahead of the pack you actually think you’re alone and behind the pack.

Whatever it is, it’s normal to get scared when you’re taking a big leap. In fact, some would argue that the more scared you feel, the bigger the payoff when you do take the leap.

I had to go deeply into my spiritual center and find strength to keep moving forward. I had to accept that even if I did fail, it was for some greater purpose. (Yes, I’m one of those “everything has a reason” people).

Back to my launch day. My knees knocking, I obsessively checked my email and Facebook to see reactions. 

And little by little the comments came trickling in.

“I love this- it’s like you’re speaking directly to me!

“Finally, somebody who understands what I’ve been struggling with!”

“I love this, it’s amazing and kudos to you!”

Plus many more like that. And not just air kissing congrats from the biz girlfriends, but people who’ve been hiding in the shadows waiting for someone to say what I was saying. Future clients booked consultations with me and soon my calendar filled up with new clients.

So let’s recap the story:

1. I decided to take a big leap into something new and powerful.

2. I got scared sh**less when it was time to push the button. I went into lizard brain freakout mode. I was ready to quit.

3. I escaped to a place where I could regroup and find strength

4. I woke up to find my fears were all illusions and had no basis in reality.

5. I survived and found amazing gifts in the new awareness

The Moral of the Story:

If you’re about to take a big leap, say your prayers and jump. 

I can’t guarantee you won’t crack your skull. I can’t promise you riches, fame, and personal fulfillment. But I do know you won’t create change by standing still and staying where you are.

My message to you: TAKE THE LEAP!

And please share your comments below… especially if you can relate to this.

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