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How Your Thoughts Impact Your Marketing Message

By July 27, 2015November 22nd, 2017Uncategorized

I was so jazzed from making my last video on the Spiritual Roots of Your Marketing Message, that I decided to take you onto the next step of my process for transforming your business through your talent and genius.

The Vortex (the first step) is getting yourself spiritually aligned so you can tap into your deep genius. However, being the magnificent humans that we are, we tend to screw things up when they’re humming along. It’s that pesky mindset stuff… the negative programming, the habitual self-sabotage, the moving towards the familiar even if it’s a stinky pile of poop. In addition to staying in tune with your inner self, you also need to have tools to work on your thoughts so they don’t derail you.

In this video, I share some favorite mindset tips, take you through a quick exercise on gratitude (that, I must say, left me feeling really good and I know it’ll work for you), and have a special message for all you personal development gurus who just might think you’re **beyond** some of this stuff. Haha, that’s my favorite part of the video.

It’s 7 minutes long… a tad longer than my last one but worth it. Be sure to click the link below the video so you can get some fun free tools from me. Enjoy!


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