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How To Get People Talking Online

By April 14, 2014November 22nd, 2017Market Positioning

A great way to position your genius is to spark memorable conversations online, particularly in social media. All you need is a HOT TOPIC!

Hot topics are ones that irresistibly invite others to chime in… it’s the type of conversation that sparks comments, shares, likes, and can also position you exactly where you want to be: as the conversation STARTER, the thought LEADER, the genius expert at the heart of it all. You can also embed your hot topic into an image.

Here are some examples of ways you can start a hot topic on your blog, in social media, online video, emails, or whatever mediums you choose. Don’t limit yourself and be creative!

1. Does this bug you too?

Let’s say you’ve experienced something over and over that’s completely put a burr in your saddle. Bad customer service. Arrogance. Cheap sales tactics. Bait and switch. By simply naming the problem (not naming the name, that’s going for nasty and we’re trying to use this as a tool to help your business, not mete out revenge on people who tick you off) you suddenly open the flood gates for other people to chime in. It’s a great way to lead a conversation towards a solution and find like minded people who you want to align with.

2. Elephant Under the Rug

Like the first example, The Elephant Under the Rug often exposes a problem that most people choose to step around. Find a way to bring it to the public eye in a way that gets people to open up, share, and come back to you.

3. Which One Should I Go With?

A very fast and easy way to spark a conversation is to present a choice you’re about to make to your followers and ask for their input. For example, let’s say you just had a session with a photographer and you need to decide which photo to use for a headshot. Put the images out on Facebook and have your followers give you their two cents. The final decision is ultimately up to you, but just think of the anticipation this will build up to as they wait for the big reveal on your site! Traffic!

4. Click LIKE If You Agree

Getting LIKES on Facebook, especially on your Fan Page, will bring more eyes your way. Find an image with an inspiring message and post it to Facebook. Then post it with the message “Click LIKE if you agree” and watch how people respond. You can also ask them to SHARE it if they agree (as an alternative.) This is great when you have an image to go along with it.

Make the decision today to be a conversation STARTER and a thought LEADER in your marketing. Use these strategies to turn heads toward YOU.

I’d love to know what Hot Topics you’re starting on your blog, social media, etc. Share your stuff in the comments below.

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