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[VIDEO] Facebook and Leaf Blowers

By August 28, 2013November 22nd, 2017Marketing Tip

I admit, I was raised by extroverted schmoozers. So when people ask me “What do I say to someone on Facebook?” my first response might be the quizzical puppy face I make in such situations.

What do you say?
Ummmmm you can always say “Hi” but if that’s too unbearable, then let me give you a quick engagement tip: Ask a question about something that’s on your mind.

It doesn’t even need to be a high and mighty question… it doesn’t even have to relate back to your Talent and Genius! I found this out when I had a question about videos and noisy neighbors.

I simply posed a question on my Facebook page and voila… engagment a go go!

Watch this video to hear to get my FAVORITE way of activating conversations on Facebook and how using that can build deeper levels of know, like, and trust.

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