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Personal Branding Tip: Control Your Narrative Or Someone Else Will

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“What the hell is a personal brand? Back in my day, we didn’t need personal brands!”, or so I hear my late father speaking to me from the great beyond. But guess what, Dad? You TOTALLY had one and you know it. Next thing, you’re going to tell me you had to walk 10 miles in the snow to find your personal brand. I’m not buying it!

OK, the seance is over and it’s time you and I talk about your personal branding and why it’s so important for your business or career. In this video, I share two very important points about this.

1- Like my dad, you have a personal brand whether you think you do or not.

2- You need to control the narrative around your personal branding. What do I mean by that? I mean if YOU don’t define yourself, then someone else will define you for you. And… they may not get it right. So do you want to be misrepresented in the world or do you want to have your genius shine through?

What do you think?

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Personal Branding Tip- How Much Personal Info Is Too Much?

By Personal Branding

“What’s your biggest question around personal branding?”  is a question I posed to Facebook, Linked In and my email list. The responses were great and freakishly similar! Here’s a question that kept popping up:

“How much personal information should I share in my personal branding? How much is too much/not enough?”

Here’s a short video answering that question. This is the first in a series of personal branding videos, so stay tuned for more! Share, like, comment… it’s how I know you’re getting this and utilizing the tips!

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Personal Branding: 4 Questions To Start With

By Personal Branding

Personal branding is your  way to show the world who you are, what you know, and what you stand for. You use it to communicate all you bring to the table so ideal clients will buy from you and perfect opportunities come to you.

A lot of people start on the outside when working on their personal brands: they get a new headshot, buy new business cards, get their websites redesigned.

Personal Branding: Where To Start

The place to start  for personal branding is not on the outside. It’s INSIDE, and giving yourself a bit of time to go within will help you develop a personal brand that is compelling, clear, and attractive to your ideal clients, prospects, employers, referral partners and other opportunities. It will also help you feel more confident because you’ll be showcasing your strengths and Deep Genius™.

Being self-aware is the first step to both developing your personal brand and really owning it. The more you understand yourself and what makes you tick, the better you can understand your personal branding and bring it to the forefront to build your business, grow trust, and advance your career.

The place to start is to look at who you are and what drives you. These four questions guide you through the basics and give you solid place to launch your personal branding from. After you reach clarity on these four points, you’ll have a starting point to create your message, visual brand and more.

1. What Are Your Values?

Your values are the beliefs you operate under and are a big factor for your personal branding. They guide your decisions by determining what matters most to you. Think about situations, behaviors, or trends that drive you crazy and make you angry. There’s a good chance these irk you because they trample over your values. Your dislike of trolls on social media flies in the face of your value of RESPECT. Seeing people hoodwink others steps on your value of HONESTY.

Think about your values and identify your top 5-10. Observe yourself and how you see these values showing up in your life and work. Because your personal branding reflects who you are, it will reflect your values whether you’re consciously doing that or not. Be sure you are highlighting the values you stand for, not someone else’s.

Here are a few to get you started: integrity, honesty, advocacy, beauty, luxury, elegance, freedom, individualism, self-determination, community, togetherness, service, education, creativity, artistry, fairness, justice, equality, religion, spirituality, order, neatness, simplicity.

2. What’s Your Big Why?

Personal branding is an expression to state what drives you. What’s the big reason fueling you in life? What’s your purpose? What’s your mission?

Are you here to bring peace, love, and understanding? Are you here to poke holes through paradigms and get people to look at the world differently? Will you be the first to do or be something? What is your dream? Where do you feel called to serve?

When you find your Big Why, work no longer feels like work. It’s your passion. Time collapses and bends when you’re immersed in your Big Why, and even working long hours can feel like five minutes because you’re so inspired and motivated.

When you recognize your WHY and how it works in your life, you can highlight it as part of what makes you unique… ie, your personal brand.

3. What’s Your Deep Genius™ ?

The dictionary defines genius as “exceptional intellectual or creative power or natural ability”.  Combining that with your learned skills and strengths gained through life experience, you have your Deep Genius™.  It’s a key differentiation in the way I approach personal branding with my clients. It’s your unique imprint on the world, the invisible force inside you that drives innovation and potential. It’s your secret stamp.

Think of the things that come easily and effortlessly to you. These are your natural strengths- the things that make up your genius. You may have a natural gift with people, children, animals, difficult situations, mathematical problems, logistical challenges, spatial relationships, making money, business, selling, marketing, language… the possibilities are endless. Look at your own skills and spot the things that come second nature to you. That’s the first step of finding your Deep Genius™.

4. Why Does It All Matter?

You’re here to make an impact. You stand for something. You have a voice. Why does that matter?

A key part of your personal brand is knowing what you’re an advocate for. An advocate is here to stand up and be the voice that’s heard.

You can be an advocate for kindness, and that shows up in your work around customer service,  working with the elderly or in the field of diversity and inclusion. You can be an advocate for financial freedom and teach people ways to make their money work for them. You can be an advocate for longevity and work in the area of health and wellness. No matter what you do or who you work for, you are an advocate for something. Look at your values and your Big Why and you’ll see the clues there. Knowing this gives depth to your personal brand and lets you speak passionately about what you do.

By answering these four questions, you now have the basis for your personal brand. From this point, you’ll build out by aligning this with your  precise skills, competency, personality, and expertise. You’ll feel more clear when creating visual branding such as a website, logo, or photos.

Starting from the inside is the strongest way to land on your true, unique personal brand. By taking a few moments to look at who you really are, you’ll find that your personal branding is nothing more than you stating the truth of who you are, proudly and confidently.


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What Is Deep Genius And How Do We Ignite It?

By Leadership, Personal Branding

The definition of genius is an extraordinary ability in something. When we think of geniuses, we think of people like Einstein or da Vinci; people who’ve had extraordinary accomplishments and achievements in this world. But think about that definition. An extraordinary ability in something. Something covers a lot of ground. We all have something we’re naturally extraordinary at. We all have things that come to us easily and effortlessly. And what’s amazing is we don’t even know how it is that we know these things. We just know them.

Beyond the aspect of genius is something I call Deep Genius. Deep Genius holds the building blocks and nuances that r make us the unique geniuses that we are. It highlights how valuable and incomparable we each are.

Your Deep Genius has three components. First, your innate skills, those things that you are just born with. Think of your uncanny ability to solve puzzles, your natural artistic sense, or your patience in listening to others. Second, your learned skills, things you picked up through school, education, or training. And third, life defining experiences. Those are skills inside of you that woke up by way of something happening to or around you.

Ask Yourself The Deep 3:

1- What are your innate skills, those things you are naturally great at?

It’s not uncommon to overlook your most valuable skills, simply because they come so easily to you. You might feel like you’re bragging or overstating your qualifications, so naturally the “Imposter Syndrome” sets in. For a lot of people, there’s a reluctance to acknowledge their gifts. This is when you can have another person’s help to reflect back to you an honest summary of what you’re great at.



2- What are the learned skills and knowledge that you’ve picked up through life?

When formal training or education mesh perfectly with your innate gifts, magic happens. Have you heard the story of Steve Jobs taking a calligraphy class in college? It made him fall in love with fonts and beautiful lettering. As a result, we can open up a document on our computers and know our Verdana from our Arial from our Avant Garde.


3- What life experiences have shaped you into who you are today?

Life teaches us things we may never have signed up for,  but through those life events we reached growth we wouldn’t have found any other way. It could be something magnificent and wonderful like falling in love, the birth of a child, getting married, or finishing a triathlon. You may have never known the capacity to love as much or feel joy as deeply. It could be something painful like dealing with illness, death, tragedy, or loss. Yet somehow through those highs and lows, you survived. These are experiences that open us up to our growth edges and we realize we have strengths we never even knew we had.

Redwood trees have seed cones that are tightly sealed shut. They’re impossible to penetrate but contain seeds. How are those seeds going to get out to create the next generation of trees? It’s through intense heat, and that comes from forest fires. Something that can be looked at as tragic and catastrophic can actually be seen as the catalyst for the next generation of growth. Our life experiences, no matter what emotional charge they carry, have the power to lead us to our growth edges.


Your Task: Look Beyond What’s On The Surface


When you look at yourself and those you lead, view things beyond the obvious. Peer beyond the job title, the company jargon, the standardized assessments, the school, the GPA, or even the performance review. Look through the cracks and into the nuances of who people are to unearth their greatest value and contribution. That’s where the hidden treasures are waiting to be discovered.



Ignite Your Deep Genius

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Before You Reinvent Yourself, Watch This

By Personal Branding

Over the past few months, I’ve had many conversations with people who say they want CHANGE in their business or career. “I’m burned out”, “I’m tired of this”, “Everything feels so numb when it comes to my business”, are just a few of the things people have told me.

At first I thought it was time to talk to people about REINVENTING themselves… until a friend of mine challenged me to think deeper on it. “Is it really reinventing they want or something else?”

As I thought on it, I realized it was more than that. What I discovered about reinvention is that it’s often a REACTION to something, an attempt to please an external source.

That’s when I focused on another word: RECLAIMING.

Reclaiming is a proactive stance you take to understand your strengths, your gifts, your purpose and what you truly want to do with your life. In this Facebook Livestream, I discuss Reinventing -vs- Reclaiming and how it’s time to reclaim the real you. That’s where you’ll find solutions!

For those of you at the point where you know it’s time to change something: CONTACT ME for a consultation to learn about coaching solutions I’ve created to address this. 

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