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Swipe File: Ask Questions to Discover Your T.A.G.

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I’ve got a great resource to add to your Swipe File!

So many people come to me with blank looks on their faces when we address their unique genius.

“Well, I know there are things I love and things I do well, but I’m not really sure how important those are.”

Well, bibbidy-bobbidy-boo, let’s take care of that situation with a copy-and-tweak letter you can send to friends, colleagues, and anyone who can share qualified feedback with you. The goal is for them to reflect back to you what they see as your strengths.

As a sidenote, let me share a few things first:

1. You have Talent and Genius. It’s just easier to see everyone else’s before you see your own.

2. Things that come easily and effortlessly to you are usually NOT valued by you. They’re valued by everyone else and the whole world will tell you how incredible these are, but that little voice in you that messes with your mind will continue to spew out “Yeah, right.”

3. Get feedback from qualified people. As I often say to people who ask the wrong question to the wrong person, “Don’t go to the hardware store looking for a loaf of bread.”

4. I call this a “copy- and-tweak” letter. Change the wording up a bit so it sounds like you. Add in any other things you’d like to include.

5. Have fun- and use these answers to spark a new range of ideas to describe what you do!

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Your Swipe File: Sample Email to Send


Dear <friend’s name>,

I’ve been asked to complete an exercise that requires other people’s perspective of me. Because I trust you and you know me, I’ve chosen you.

Please answer these questions and send them back to me- your first thoughts are the best thoughts!

1- If you could describe me in 3 adjectives, what would those be?

2- What do you think I’m GREAT at doing?

3- In what situations do you think I operate at my best?

4- What do you see as something that sets me apart from others?

5- Anything else?

Thank you for your help with this!


<Your Name>


Give those a try and let me know how they go! Or better yet, apply for a T.A.G. B&B Session and we can discuss how these can support the growth of your business!

I See Your Genius! Let’s get it out there![/feature_box_creator]

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Book Marketing Challenge 2014

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Authors and aspiring authors, listen up!

A lot of business owners think that writing a book will change their world, fill their bank accounts, and create a nonstop flow of clients.

Actually, that’s not true.

The opportunities flow when you do 2 important things:

  1. Promote and market your book with a killer online marketing strategy
  2. Promote and market YOU as an author with an equally strong strategy

It hurts when you find out how many authors run out of gas after their books publish. Whether it’s an unsold Kindle book gathering digital dust, or cases of books cluttering your garage, the book marketing plan is where you need to put your energy.

Enter my friend D’vorah Lansky, the best book marketing expert around.

Each year for the past six years she’s pulled together an amazing group of
book marketing experts, who are eager to share their knowledge and expertise with you.

This year over 40 authors, publishers, and book marketing experts (including myself)
will be sharing their wisdom as part of the 30-Day Book Marketing Challenge!

Grab your complimentary ticket here


The Book Marketing Challenge will provide you with hands-on, interactive training, on a wide variety of
online book marketing strategies. You’ll also have opportunities to develop wonderful
new friendships with other authors and our guest experts!

During the Book Marketing Challenge, you’ll have access to workshops, expert interviews, articles,
daily action steps, hot tips, special gifts, and opportunities to expand your online presence.

Claim your FREE ACCESS PASS and connect with authors, publishers, and book marketing experts
who are dedicated to bringing their message to the world and showing you how to do the same.

Join us for this hands-on, interactive program and:

  • Develop Your Author platform
  • Learn how to build a list of thirsty readers
  • Discover ways to create multiple income streams with your book
  • Access specific book marketing strategies that deliver results
  • Find out the most powerful ways to reach more readers, globally

Join us for the Book Marketing Challenge: Expand Your Reach, Your Connections, and Your Book Sales!
Register for your Free Access Pass and get started today.

Let’s do this! Sign up here

[VIDEO] Market Research Gold Mine

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This is one of my all-time favorite ninja tricks for market research!

Media outlets spend tens of thousands of dollars  (if not more) researching who their audience is so they can better attract advertisers. They compile their findings in handy dandy portfolios called a Media Kit.

I’ve used media kits over the years to help with a variety of marketing objectives. From content creation to pitching the media to finding the perfect words to use, it’s all here in the Media Kit.

There’s only one problem though… most magazines that create these kits make them VERY hard to find.

Fear not… I know where to find this gold mine of info and give you tips to use this valuable data to grow your business.

If you’re a business coach, life coach, or consultant and you are ready to activate more clients, more revenue, and more freedom in your business, contact me directly to find out how my services can help your business.

Apply for a complimentary Strategy Session to learn how we can work together

Strategy Session with Nancy Marmolejo

[VIDEO]Watch Your Tone!

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“Watch your tone, young lady!”  Oh if I had a dollar for every time my mom scolded me with that one when I was a sassy little teen. Even if I was saying something benign, a sarcastic tone changed the meaning of EVERYTHING!

Let’s fast forward to today… maybe you’re not getting chastised for your tone anymore but you still need to WATCH IT like a hawk.

The TONE you’re marketing in is as important (if not more) than what you’re saying in your message. It can alter perception, speak volumes about who you are, and either attract or repel clients.

Watch this video… and if you have a piece of paper handy, jot down notes! This is important for every aspect of your marketing. You’ll be more conscious of HOW you’re saying things… not just focused on WHAT you’re saying.

More tips!

Be sure to download my FREE training Get Paid to Be You. It will help you reveal your Talent and Genius and the authentic tone that will be true to you and bring you the most success.

Click here to get your free copy

[VIDEO] Facebook and Leaf Blowers

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I admit, I was raised by extroverted schmoozers. So when people ask me “What do I say to someone on Facebook?” my first response might be the quizzical puppy face I make in such situations.

What do you say?
Ummmmm you can always say “Hi” but if that’s too unbearable, then let me give you a quick engagement tip: Ask a question about something that’s on your mind.

It doesn’t even need to be a high and mighty question… it doesn’t even have to relate back to your Talent and Genius! I found this out when I had a question about videos and noisy neighbors.

I simply posed a question on my Facebook page and voila… engagment a go go!

Watch this video to hear to get my FAVORITE way of activating conversations on Facebook and how using that can build deeper levels of know, like, and trust.

Share this video and be sure to leave a comment below!

Have You Forgotten Who You Really Are?

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There’s an identity crisis rampant in the online marketing world.

People don’t know who they are anymore. And they’ve run out of words to describe things. Perhaps you’ll recognize some of these?

The fear of failure has turned many amazing folks into boring old clones… and the situation keeps getting worse.

I talk to so many people gripped by fear. They’re making moves they “think” are smart, but really it’s just a copy of what someone else is doing.

From the language they’re using in their marketing to how they describe themselves, it’s just one big boring snore-fest.

You know what I mean… and if you interact with me on Facebook, you know how much juice comes out of these observations when I post them.

Sure, I get plenty of amens and hallelujahs on Facebook, but what I really want to see is CHANGE.

I want to see people get back in the driver’s seat of their own business and stop living in this place of fear.

Like you, I want simplicity. I don’t want complicated approaches to success because frankly the world is complicated enough. I want my business to be a sanctuary, a creative expression that fills my bank account and allows me the freedom to do the things I love with people I love.

I want the same for you.

Doesn’t that sound heavenly?

Here are 3 things you can do to get out of the doldrums and hit your stride:

1. Position yourself so your Talent and Genius shine.

Your Talents are the hard skills you’ve honed through life, work, education… and you do them well. Your Genius is that natural bundle of strengths you own. Nobody taught you to be intuitive, compassionate, analytical… you just have it.

2.  Don’t be a copycat.

If everyone is zigging,  I want you to zag. Make sound business decisions, but take a greater effort NOT to blend into the woodwork. See the image above to remind you of that.

3. Master your message and get it out there to the people who count- not EVERYONE.

You don’t have to court huge audiences- just connect with the people who’ll get you. The ones who you can easily build trust with. These are your ideal clients. You actually don’t need thousands of people on your list to be a success. You just need to get the word out in front of your people… and let them know you’re a solution for them! From that point you can make offers, help people get results, and have a very profitable business.

Next Steps:

Keep reading my tips and implement them on your own. Or…. fill out the form below to learn about my private mentoring programs. From small groups to exclusive in-person retreats, you and I can put our talents and genius together to transform your business… and maybe even your life!

Fill out my online form.

[VIDEO]Bloom Where You Are Planted

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The solution to your marketing problems isn’t in another gadget, it’s inside of YOU. I call it the Intersection of Talent and Genius, the unique place where your uniqueness shines.

We are surrounded by change- technology changes, the world changes. It can be exhausting to keep up with it all. But deep inside you is the precise place that defines you as unique. And when you find that, EVERYTHING changes.

Discover a market positioning tip that can help you sell more, attract incredible clients, and open up opportunities. Watch this video and let me know what you think!

[VIDEO] How to Talk About Your Business

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Talking about your business is a great way to let your Talent and Genius shine.

The problem is, most people stink at talking about their businesses!

This “30 second pitch” thing… whose idea was that? It’s turned a generation of business owners into robotic word-spewing automatons.

Rest your weary minds, my friends. You don’t have to keep memorizing scripts just to say hi to someone.

Watch this video and discover how to ditch the pitch and engage in the Fascination Conversation!