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Deep Dive Into the Deep Genius

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[feature_box style=”22″ only_advanced=”There%20are%20no%20title%20options%20for%20the%20choosen%20style” content_font_size=”16″ alignment=”center”]The other day I found myself doodling about the levels and layers of the work I do with clients. I took a picture of it and posted on Facebook… which opened the doors to a great discussion I decided to carry over to the TAG blog.

Your Deep Genius is the core of your strengths, passion, drive, and mission. It’s more than a personality test or a simple assessment. Inside the Deep Genius is what I call “the chip God planted in you with the perfect way to be perfectly you”.

It’s very easy to skip over the Deep Genius… society, culture, peers, institutions, and other people’s opinions cloud the skies when it comes to seeing the expansiveness of our potential and strengths. You may be great at A and love A, but you’re advised to go with B because “it’s what will sell.”

Case in point: a frustrated life coach who becomes a business coach because “that’s what will sell”. Meanwhile she’s miserable and feeling like a fraud because she doesn’t want to be a business coach, she wants to hold an entirely different kind of space. Do you think that person is going to have the kind of success she wants doing work from a place of “should” versus a place of “want to”?

So look at this image and follow the path, starting at the bottom:

Deep Genius doodle

Your Deep Genius sits deeply inside of you. It’s the innermost core of your greatness.

From there you move up to “Sub-branding”. This digs into another level of values and strengths.

Next, you go to Personal Branding. This is how you authentically present yourself to the world.

Finally, you go to the Branding (such as messaging, image, logo, communication, etc).

Raise your hand if you’ve ever done this process in reverse and gotten frustrated and fed up. 

Yep, thought so.

Too many people start with a BRAND and treat it like it’s just a quicky little decision. It’s not… in fact, before you go to create a brand, get clear on the 3 factors that feed into the brand. It will save you money, time, and frustration.

You may want to know what your Deep Genius is. I seriously suggest you work with someone to discover it. Trying to find it on your own is like trying to look at the tip of your own nose. If not me (apply here for a consultation), then someone who will take you through a powerful, proven process to dive right into the core of your genius.

Don’t gloss over your Deep Genius. It’s a powerful source of authentic direction you’ve been craving and is the missing piece for many entrepreneurs.

Feel free to connect with me to learn about finding your Deep Genius by clicking the “Strategy Call” button below.

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10 Tips To Keep Clients

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Guess what?

Getting clients isn’t all about finding new people day after day to fill your programs. So many people think that doing business involves a never-ending chase for the new prospect. In addition to keeping your business open to welcome new clients, don’t forget about your existing clients and how you can continue to work together.

With a balanced approach, you can still get your name out there so new clients find you, yet  retain the clients you currently have.

I’ve been asked this question a lot so I created a list of 10 ways you can retain clients so they can continue their transformations, and you can continue getting paid.

You’ll notice that the first half of these tips involve client care and personal interactions. I list these because you need to have an ongoing culture of client appreciation and celebration. If someone feels valued by you, they’re less likely to go elsewhere for help.

I’ve also included a few tactical efforts- specific things you can do in your business RIGHT NOW to create new revenue streams.


1. Put client care first: treat your clients like gold from the start

This should be a given. Be good to your clients and they’ll be good to you!

2. Track progress together

It’s important to keep track of clients’ progress together. Keep records of where people were when they started with you, and where they are now. Review progress as a regular part of your interactions so your clients see all the big changes happening for them.

3. Celebrate results!

Celebrate your clients as often as possible. Whether it’s a shout out on Facebook , a quick email, or acknowledgment on a phone call, make it a regular practice to celebrate results.

4. Remember special occasions

A simple card, flowers, or a thoughtful birthday gift can mean the world to your client. It’s that extra touch that people remember and appreciate.

5. Offer entry to a higher level program (Upsell)

Design your programs so people have the opportunity to continue with you on a higher, more intense level if that’s the right fit. If someone takes a 4 week class with you, then invite them to a 90 Day Inner Circle, a live retreat, or another way to take the deeper dive.

6. Offer to repeat

Someone might want to take your program again- don’t deny the chance for repeat business if you can create this!

7. Offer entry to a continuity program

A continuity program is anything that gives clients the chance to stay on working with you for either an ongoing monthly charge or for a specified price/duration. Continuity programs operate like memberships- clients get access to materials, resources, coaching, etc as long as they’re members.

8. Give a special Alumni Offer

Value your clients by giving them special Alumni Offers. You can give them a special price to show how much you appreciate their ongoing business.

9. Offer “Client Only” Perks They Can’t Resist

Make being your client the coolest thing on the planet! Find things to share that ONLY your clients get access to. It turns your clients into VIP Rock Stars!

10. Always Let Your Clients Know You Value and Cherish Them!

Much of client retention has to do with how a person feels while they’re your client. Letting your clients know they’re special and valued keeps them in your world. Make it your top priority to create a world your clients LOVE to be in!

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No List and No Clients

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Most of the tips I share here make a simple assumption: you’ve got a business with clients but you want  more. I mentor coaches ready to make that leap by offering coaching groups, higher end services, and positioning themselves online as experts.

But what about the new coaches? What about the people who don’t have lists or are just starting out online?

By popular demand, I’ve assembled 4 super easy tips to get you clients. You don’t need to learn any software or spend money. These are things I used to build my business 10 years ago and if I had to start all over again, I’d do the exact same thing. From here you can move people onto your list then move up to do more online marketing.

We all need a square one… here you go!

1. Public Speaking

When I first started out, I joined a few networking groups then quickly offered myself as a speaker. This was a great way to get both clients and MORE speaking invites! You can also do “brown bag” talks at local companies, offer community workshops, church seminars, and start building your business locally.

2. Join Groups

Both online and offline, when you’re part of a group you can show off your expertise by offering sharp insights and valuable wisdom. Join groups where your ideal client is hanging out. That’s the secret: if you join groups filled with other coaches, you’ll just spin your wheels!

3. Reach Out Old School Style

Compose a letter that describes your services and send it out to family and friends. Let people know what you’re doing, that you’re accepting clients, and if they’d please share this with people they know who’d benefit from this. It’s an old school approach but it’s tried and true!

4. Talk About Your Business So People Get Excited to Hear More

When people hear you explain your business, do they get excited and want to hear more? Or do they walk away? Fine tune the way you describe what you do and you’ll instantly improve your odds of getting the sale!

Put those 4 pieces in place and you’ll have everything you need to get more clients. From there you can build a bigger online presence via your website, Facebook page, etc. But for starters, keep it simple. Reach out. Make the ask.

You can do this!

Want Awesome Clients? Feed Them Dinner

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When you think of perfect clients, who comes to mind?

People who can pay you? People who have problems you can solve?
Those are great places to start, but there are other elements to include ESPECIALLY if you’re a coach or consultant.

Why? Because our work gets to the heart of people. We see their good, bad, and ugly. Our questions to spark growth can irritate some, enthrall others… in other words, there’s a lot of emotion attached to the work we do and we need to consider this when identifying who we want to work with.

Here’s what I do: I picture myself giving a big dinner party. The guests are my Ideal Clients. And as I look around the table, I see people who I absolutely LOVE to be around. People who love the food, appreciate the ambiance, and enjoy the entire experience. They are positive, proactive, action based, and doing good for the world.

You are sooooo not invited to my coaching group!

You are sooooo not invited to my coaching group!

You know who I don’t see when I picture this dinner party? I don’t see bullies, haters, drama queens, excuse makers, thieves, plagiarists, backstabbers, gossipers, or crybabies.

You, as a business owner, have every right to choose who is and who is NOT your ideal client. Even if the person comes to you loaded with money, ready to throw cash at your feet, if it’s not a fit you have the power to say NO.

I know, it can be scary. You probably need the money, need the sale, tell yourself you’ll just hunker down and tolerate this person until your coaching agreement is over.

Ummmmm, hello? You’re a coach right? When I trained as a coach, the big word of the day was TOLERATIONS. We helped people identify what they were TOLERATING, then coached them to release that. How can you work in integrity if you’re tolerating less than ideal clients?

When you clear yourself of non-ideal clients, you open the doors to more than your share of perfectly matched clients!

And please… don’t start with too much logic when you identify your Ideal Client. Start with your heart. Your head will understand. Here’s the recipe I’ve used for the last decade to fill my business with clients so cool, they’ll amaze and delight you and pay you!

1. List all the qualities and attributes of your perfect client. This is the person who you’re excited to work with and who brings total joy to your work.
Here are some examples:

My perfect client

  • is enthusiastic
  • sees my fee as a great value and pays on time
  • gets incredible results from our work
  • is open minded and willing to trust
  • refers reliable, wonderful people
  • makes time to implement our work
  • appreciates the new directions I take with my business and grows with me.



2. What is a common passion that I share with my ideal clients?
Consider these examples:

  • Committed to making a difference in the world
  • Uses organic products
  • Appreciates creativity, diversity, and connecting with the community
  • Loves kids and pets
  • Into technology
  • Enjoys the outdoors



3. What is this person’s temperament?
Are they:

  • assertive
  • outgoing
  • introverted
  • pensive
  • quiet
  • dreamy
  • childlike
  • strong
  • charismatic
  • daring
  • etc?

If you could wake up each day and know that your business was filled with perfect clients, how would you approach your work? What would your energy level be like? How would you present yourself to the rest of the world? What would your income be?

Yes, finding clients involves market research, such as studying demographics and trends. But it also involves setting the boundaries that will allow the right people to connect with you. By sharpening your focus on what it is that you want, you’ll be much clearer on what you don’t want.

Fill your business with perfect clients and enjoy the gift of loving what you do while making an outstanding living. Bon appetit!

[VIDEO] The Profit Trifecta

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The Profit Trifecta: 3 Wins for a Successful Coaching or Consulting Business

My dad sure loved the horse races… and I guess I picked up a few words along the way that stuck in my head. One is “TRIFECTA”.

Purists have their own definition, but for this video I look at it as 3 wins you must achieve in order to have a fully alive, successful business… particularly if you’re a coach or consultant.

First you must have POSITIONING.
Expert positioning, where YOU stand out as an expert solution and your Talent and Genius (T.A.G.) shine.
You’re crystal clear about who you are, what results people get from working with you, and why you’re a unique solution for common problems.

Second, you need LEADS.
But not just any leads, not just “anyone with a pulse”. You need leads comprised of your IDEAL CLIENTS. People who’ll get you and your wacky self. People who’ll leap at the chance to work with you because you’re the obvious choice. And where do you get those leads? How do you find them?

Think of all the ways you get yourself out to the world: speaking, social media, videos (like this one!), blogging, etc etc etc.

Craft your lead generation so it speaks to “your people” and opens the door for them to move closer to you.


Killer Offers are what people buy from you- something they’ll invest in happily and with excitement. They can see, taste, feel, and smell the results and can’t wait to get started working with you.

Killer Offers can be high priced coaching packages or even low priced membership offers… the point is to have them, use them, and sell them!

After you watch this video, please download my free training Get Paid to Be You. Put all these tips together, and you’ll have the ingredients for a successful, profitable coaching business that makes you feel FULLY ALIVE!



P.S. I’d love your comments below!

[CASE STUDY] More Info Doesn’t Equal More Money

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Client Success Story: More Information Doesn’t Equal More Money or Sales

One of my clients is a trainer/ coach with a niche serving women athletes in a specific sport.

He’s great at what he does, well respected, and very accomplished as a coach.

But his offers weren’t selling and he became worried about the growth of his coaching business.

When he became a private client, we started off by looking at his unique blend of Talent and Genius and how that shows up in his marketing, selling, and overall business.

With a very down to earth style and big heart, “John” makes a lasting impression on clients once they start working together.

His challenge, though, was getting clients. 

Natural strengths sometimes work against us. John has a natural strength in explaining things and making sure all bases are covered when teaching someone. This is great if you’re teaching a class, but can be overwhelming in marketing. His sales letters had a LOT of information and over-explained all the features (instead of pumping up the benefits).

His one-to-one sales conversations involved him talking a lot and explaining every tiny detail of his programs, how to call him, number of calls… instead of connecting to his prospective’s clients big dreams and how his unique Talent and Genius could help them find a way out.

Within just a few coaching sessions and some ongoing tweaking, John’s approach took a sharp turn in a stronger direction.

We analyzed his marketing the same way he’d analyze his clients’ athletic skills. We spotted his weak points and made plans to strengthen them. What made it really effective was his positive attitude, ability to take feedback, and willingness to try something new.

Here are some of the highlights of John’s success:

  • He has a firm understanding of why he’s the obvious choice for his ideal clients. He’s able to highlight his T.A.G. to build the know, like, trust, and buy factor!
  • With clearer sales pages and less overkill on the features, his offers are selling!
  • He’s found his own comfortable way of engaging in the one-to-one sales conversation so he never feels like he’s forcing a prospect into something. His close rate has increased and he no longer dreads sales calls.
  • He’s added in higher level of engagements with his followers who now find more value in the content he creates and develop a deeper sense of loyalty to him and his message.
  • He’s building his list and connecting with others in his industry for win-win opportunities.
  • John is making more money, selling his services at higher prices, and continues to meet or exceed his goals!

John is a great success story to share because he took action and made things happen.

What’s interesting to note is that John hovered around my world for several months before hiring me. He’d show up for free calls and always ask questions. But it took him months to finally step forward and contact me about coaching.

He realized that going for piecemeal solutions wasn’t going to cut it. I’m happy to have him as a client and can’t wait to see what the next phase of his business brings!

Apply for a Strategy Session with me and come face to face with important decisions about your business. Click the button below to get started:


Ready, Set, Activate! How We Can Work Together

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Love my tips and want them personalized for your business?

Watch this video to determine if working with me or in one of my mentoring groups  is right for you. I’ve helped thousands of coaches and consultants grow their businesses… I’d love to help you too.

Fill out the form on this page to apply for a Strategy Session with me. Spaces fill fast.



Fill out my online form.

[VIDEO] 3 Letters With Huge Impact

By Build Your Business

What happens when you take 3 simple letters and apply them to your business?

Ka-pow!! That’s what happens.

If you’re a coach, consultant, trainer, speaker, or other knowledge based expert then this will give you an immediate solution to help you stand out from the others in your field.

Over the years, I’ve helped THOUSANDS of business owners skyrocket their visibility. But a higher tier of clients emerged who took an even bigger leap… and these 3 letters spell the secret to their success. I want you to have that kind of success for your business, too.

Watch this video, like it, share it, and let me know what you think!