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Book Marketing Challenge 2014

By April 29, 2014November 22nd, 2017Marketing Tip

Authors and aspiring authors, listen up!

A lot of business owners think that writing a book will change their world, fill their bank accounts, and create a nonstop flow of clients.

Actually, that’s not true.

The opportunities flow when you do 2 important things:

  1. Promote and market your book with a killer online marketing strategy
  2. Promote and market YOU as an author with an equally strong strategy

It hurts when you find out how many authors run out of gas after their books publish. Whether it’s an unsold Kindle book gathering digital dust, or cases of books cluttering your garage, the book marketing plan is where you need to put your energy.

Enter my friend D’vorah Lansky, the best book marketing expert around.

Each year for the past six years she’s pulled together an amazing group of
book marketing experts, who are eager to share their knowledge and expertise with you.

This year over 40 authors, publishers, and book marketing experts (including myself)
will be sharing their wisdom as part of the 30-Day Book Marketing Challenge!

Grab your complimentary ticket here


The Book Marketing Challenge will provide you with hands-on, interactive training, on a wide variety of
online book marketing strategies. You’ll also have opportunities to develop wonderful
new friendships with other authors and our guest experts!

During the Book Marketing Challenge, you’ll have access to workshops, expert interviews, articles,
daily action steps, hot tips, special gifts, and opportunities to expand your online presence.

Claim your FREE ACCESS PASS and connect with authors, publishers, and book marketing experts
who are dedicated to bringing their message to the world and showing you how to do the same.

Join us for this hands-on, interactive program and:

  • Develop Your Author platform
  • Learn how to build a list of thirsty readers
  • Discover ways to create multiple income streams with your book
  • Access specific book marketing strategies that deliver results
  • Find out the most powerful ways to reach more readers, globally

Join us for the Book Marketing Challenge: Expand Your Reach, Your Connections, and Your Book Sales!
Register for your Free Access Pass and get started today.

Let’s do this! Sign up here

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