Here's Why You Don't Have a Message That Drives Clients To You

A strong personal brand is the backbone for marketing success, especially if you're a consultant, coach, or other solo-entrepreneur. Without it, you get overlooked. 

 Discover how to find the real you, write your own rules, and stand 100% in your genius with this free eBook:  Personal Brand: reINVENTED.



This is the personal branding guide that connects all the dots... message, visibility, mission, thought leadership

Perfect Solution

"The work I do is deep, multi-faceted, and sometimes hard to explain in a few sentences. My business has grown by word-of-mouth for years, but I wanted to create a bigger online presence so more women can learn the unique coaching and facilitation skills I teach. To do that, I had to find the perfect language to reach the hearts of my ideal clients.  The personal branding work I've done with Nancy has revealed the right emotion and words to attract the exact woman who is perfect for my trainings. It's been a great experience working with her and learning more about my genius." 

Joanna Lindenbaum, Seminar Leader, Coach, Master Facilitator 

Meet The Author, Nancy Marmolejo

I love teaching entrepreneurs how to be themselves in their marketing, write their own rules, and stand 100% in their genius. I've been doing this since 2003 and my work gets rave reviews.
What pains me is seeing smart, forward-thinking people get trapped in someone else's rules on how they should brand and position their expertise. Isn't being an entrepreneur about freedom? 
I wrote this book to free you from any branding and marketing traps you've gotten caught in. You'll get solid tips and step-by-step guidance to help you attract more clients and visibility with your authentic personal brand.